(Minghui.org) Practitioners have come a long way to get to know Falun Dafa and take up the practice. Master Li, founder of the practice, has taken care of practitioners throughout history and guided us over our cultivation journey. As the 2024 Chinese New Year arrives on February 10, practitioners from 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions in China thank Master Li for his compassion and wish him a happy Chinese New Year!

Practitioners from Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, are grateful for the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. “They provide us a path to constantly improve ourselves towards the divine,” wrote the practitioners in their greetings. “In the upcoming New Year, we will do better studying the Falun Dafa teachings, remain diligent in cultivation, and help save more people for a better future.”

“Falun Dafa helps us understand the purpose of life and eliminate our attachments to fame, material interest, and sentimentality. Our gratitude to Master Li is beyond words,” wrote practitioners in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. “We do not know how long the remaining cultivation path will be, but we will continue with righteous thoughts and firm faith to improve ourselves as well as do the three things well.”

“In today’s society of moral decay, Master Li introduced the priceless Dafa to the world,” wrote practitioners from Baoji City, Shaanxi Province. “This allows people to improve themselves according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and inspire those who do not practice to become better citizens in society. We are very fortunate to become Dafa practitioners and constantly look within for areas where we can do better. Falun Dafa’s teachings help us to let go of attachments, do better on our cultivation path, and fulfill our mission. Thank you, Master Li.” 

Practitioners from the Shapingba District of Chongqing City said they have practiced Dafa for nearly 30 years. “From studying the Falun Dafa teachings on our own to group study, from the workplace to schools, from producing Dafa materials to distributing them or talking to people about the facts of Dafa face to face, we know that Master is always helping us,” said the practitioners in the greetings. “Master has suffered tremendously for us and we really cherish these opportunities to improve ourselves, tell people about Dafa, and help save them.”

“Having practiced Falun Dafa for over 20 years, we hold the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance near and dear to our heart. We know Master has paved the path for us to have all of this,” wrote practitioners from Anyang City, Henan Province. “Looking at the new year, we know there are many areas where we have to do better and meet the requirements of Dafa; there are many people waiting to be saved. We will work harder and do better to fulfill our vows of saving people, and return with Master. Thank you, Master Li, and happy Chinese New Year!”

Additional greetings hailed from:Handan City, Hebei ProvinceManzhouli City, Inner MongoliaChenzhou City, Hunan ProvinceChuxiong City, Yunnan ProvinceWuxi City, Jiangsu ProvinceSizuishan City, Ningxia Province Li County, Hebei ProvinceFuzhou City, Fujian ProvinceWuwei City, Gansu ProvinceZhushan County, Hubei ProvinceZaozhuang City, Shandong ProvinceJiaohe City, Jilin ProvinceLesser Khingan, Heilongjiang ProvinceTieling City, Liaoning ProvinceChengdu City, Sichuan ProvinceTonghua City, Jilin ProvinceKunming City, Yunnan ProvinceFangshan District, BeijingHongqiao District, TianjinNan'an District, ChongqingJincheng City, Shanxi Province Hainan ProvinceYanbian, Jilin ProvinceShihezi City, XinjiangBaoshan District, ShanghaiXining City, Qinghai ProvinceGuizhou ProvinceFuyu County, Heilongjiang Province Chifeng City, Inner MongoliaAnqing City, Anhui ProvinceBeihai City, Guangxi Autonomous Region