(Minghui.org) When my sister and I talked to people about the persecution of Falun Dafa, someone notified the police and we were arrested. My sister and I were not afraid and continued to clarify the facts to the police and staff. Two officers listened to us and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. Our incident was handled as a civil dispute even after we refused to cooperate with the police.

However, before my sister and I left the police station, a practitioner who came to see us said, “Let’s give the police some money.” I was confused but thought that he meant to help us so I smiled and did not say anything.

Shortly after, the police told my sister and me to bring new records. After we did that, the police said, “You can go home now, but come back tomorrow and sign the documents.” I did not understand why we needed to return, let alone sign anything.

When that practitioner came to my house the next day to take my sister and me to the police station to sign documents, I found out what had happened. Because I didn’t say anything the day before, he thought I’d agreed with him to bribe the police, so he gave an officer he knew well 20,000 yuan to settle the case. He even signed a document and promised to bring us back to the station to sign the “release on bail pending trial” form.

When I told another practitioner about it she said, “From now on, if that practitioner does anything not in accordance with the Fa, you must refuse or stop contacting him. He has just started to practice so he still has a lot of human attachments.” I later realized that her suggesttion was how Master was trying to give me advice.

Because that practitioner gave the police money to arrange for “release on bail pending trial,” he wanted to take my sister, my family members, and me to the police station to sign forms and complete the process. I did not object to his request because of my human attachment. However, my sister was determined and refused to go. She explained, “Master enlightened me not to cooperate with the evil. You should not sign any documents. That is a mistake.” The practitioner was angry and said he’d already signed the documents and promised to take us to the police station. He even told my sister that if she was worried about going to jail, he would take care of her child.

My sister warned me, “You can’t go. How can you cooperate with the evil?” I didn’t want to make things worse for the practitioner, so I went with him. He signed the guarantee form again and gave his fingerprints while I sat in the car outside and sent righteous thoughts.

A month later, an officer came to my house and said, “You applied for bail pending trial so you need to go to the police station and sign the form.” He also visited my sister.

Not only did my sister resolutely refuse the request, but she also reminded the other practitioners not to cooperate. She was responsible for herself, other practitioners, and the Fa, so the police dared not approach her because of her strong righteous thoughts. My selfish human attachments drew them.

Because I did not eliminate my attachments, I accumulated a large field of karma, which was a suitable environment to attract the evil, and this led me to do harmful things to Dafa, fellow practitioners, my family, and myself.

My human attachments caused tribulations. A practitioner should follow the path of cultivation Master has arranged. We must remove our selfish mindsets, improve in cultivation, and be responsible for the Fa and fellow practitioners.