(Minghui.org) After Fa study about ten years ago when another practitioner pointed out that my hands faced downward when we sent righteous thoughts, I felt as though I had been slapped. I was so embarrassed that my face turned red. I quickly said I would correct myself. From that day on I paid attention to the position of my hands when I sent righteous thoughts. I felt the practitioner’s intention was good and I was grateful for her reminder.

This year when we gathered to watch a Shen Yun video a practitioner greeted me and said, “Old lady, do you still practice Falun Dafa?” I was a bit shocked. I almost cried but I managed to control myself. I couldn’t calm down however, and kept thinking, “Why did he speak so harshly?” I knew I had to seriously look inward.

These words were a wake-up call, and I used them to look inward and improve.

I prepare and bring Minghui Weekly and truth clarification materials to Fa study every week for a practitioner. I had guests at my house, and when I went to attend Fa study that day I forgot to bring the materials. I did not realize it until I arrived. The practitioner came at the end of the meeting to get the materials. She said, “How could you forget something so important?” I replied, “I’m sorry that you came here in vain.”

I berated myself all the way home. Every minute for a practitioner is very precious, and I wasted her time.

Before I began practicing Falun Dafa, I would rather suffer physical pain than be criticized. I could not tolerate any negative feedback or lose face. After I began practicing I stopped being so concerned about my ego. From these incidents I understood that I need to remember Master’s teachings and take criticism and reminders from fellow practitioners to heart.

Whether it’s praise or criticism, I should treat it with a grateful mentality, look inward, and ask myself why it happened. I can’t view issues with human thoughts and emotion. I we use the standards of the Fa and the mentality of a cultivator to look at our problems, we can find our gaps and cultivate delightedly.

I sincerely thank fellow practitioners for their help. We should act as one body and do as Master said in, “Stay Far Away From Peril

“That’s Master telling you to mutually save and help each other, to save others while saving yourself—this is sentient beings saving each other at the end times.”