(Minghui.org) I was born in a small town in Liaoning Province, China. I am 11 years old. My paternal grandfather, paternal grandmother, father, mother, and my maternal grandmother are all Falun Dafa practitioners. 

My mother played the audio lectures of Master Li (Dafa’s founder) and Dafa music when she was pregnant with me. She also let me listen to Master’s audio lectures after I was born. My paternal grandmother taught me how to sit in the lotus position as soon as I was able to sit. I was taught to send forth righteous thoughts and practiced Falun Dafa’s five sets of exercises before I turned one. My paternal grandmother often took me along to distribute truth-clarification materials. I was able to recite many poems from Hong Yin before I was three. My father’s aunt took me out one time. She was having a conversation with someone when I ran up to that person and said, “Remember Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” The person laughed, but my father’s aunt got upset at me. 

I studied the Fa with my paternal grandmother every day and we’d attend our local group Fa study regularly. My grandmother was proud of me. I left my paternal grandparents when I was three years old to attend a preschool close to my parents’ home. I would study the Fa with my parents. At times, when they were busy with work, I’d remind them and say, “It’s time to study the Fa.” Despite still being in preschool, I was able to read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa.

I follow Falun Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I never fight over toys, hit my friends, or argue with them when they take my things. I went to my maternal grandmother’s house one day in May when I was about four years old. My father, mother, paternal grandmother, maternal grandmother, and my great grandmother were practicing the exercises together. I joined them and did the exercises as well. The atmosphere was great and it was a rare opportunity for me to practice the exercises with so many practitioners. I was only able to meditate for 30 minutes at that time. 

My mother gave birth to my younger sister when I was about four years old. My maternal grandparents came to help take care of my mother. They brought along my cousin who was four months younger than me. My younger cousin was bossy and he often bullied me. I never fought with him and always let him have his way. My mother and grandparents always reprimanded my younger cousin for being reckless. I follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and am always kind to others. I am in fifth grade now and have never fought with any of my classmates. Master told us to be good people regardless of where we are. My grades are also good and I always score above 90 on tests. 

I never use cellphones or watch any bad things on television. I know it its not right to play games on cellphones, since Master mentioned that it is bad. My mother bought a piano for me when I was five and found a piano teacher for me. I practice piano during my spare time or draw and play with my younger sister. I live to my fullest every day without playing games on a cellphone or computer. I study the Fa in the evenings and help my father arrange truth-clarification materials. I am able to meditate for an hour now. I hold myself to Dafa’s standards to become a better person. I know the true reason why we are here. I am very fortunate to have become a Falun Dafa disciple. Thank you, Master. 

My paternal grandmother encouraged me to write this experience sharing article so I can be more diligent in cultivation amid the big dye vat of ordinary society. I will be more diligent in cultivation, assist Master in Fa-rectification, and walk well during the last leg of cultivation. Please point out anything in my sharing that is not aligned with the Fa.