(Minghui.org) Greetings revered Master and fellow practitioners! 

I have practiced Falun Dafa for 19 years. I’d like to share with everyone some of my cultivation experience and understanding. 

My Life’s New Chapter

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2004 when my former colleague, whom I had not seen for two years, came to my house and told me about Falun Dafa. I had some misgivings until he showed me the United Nations video analysis report on the staged self-immolation in Tiananmen Square. He later played Master’s Nine-Day Lecture videos. 

I couldn’t stop watching the lectures. When I lay in bed, I felt enveloped in warmth. I also felt my celestial eye-opening in another dimension. I felt energy circulating inside and around my body and I later felt a heavy gong column on top of my head. These energy transformation stages were exactly like Master described in Zhuan Falun.

My insomnia which I suffered from for over a year, disappeared. My life’s purpose and direction completely changed. My fear of committing to my girlfriend (due to an unfortunate horoscope) was gone, and we were married in a year. She also began practicing.

My Cultivation State 

In the first few years of cultivation, I was very diligent and I could sense my negative thoughts and suppress them. I sent righteous thoughts and read the Fa before I left my house for door-to-door truth clarification and to help people quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its youth organizations. 

Making truth-clarification materials took me nine months. I worked nights and weekends, making revision after revision. I almost gave up. During the last few pages of the revision, I felt very tired and thought it already took too much time. I was criticized again and told there was something I had to rework. I kept wondering why the practitioner kept pushing me to change but had no consideration for me. I started to hate him. 

I couldn’t calm down when I meditated. My thoughts were very negative. I knew this was not me, but that it was my karma that was affecting me. I recalled what Master Li (Dafa’s founder) said in the “Transformation of Karma” in Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun. Wasn’t it that this practitioner was helping me elevate? If he did not criticize me, I wouldn’t know I had these negative thoughts. I should thank him instead of hating him. As soon as I thought of this Fa, I suddenly felt my mind quiet down, and the negative thoughts stopped. The next time I met the practitioner, I told him I was glad that he was helping me elevate. I completed the material and felt Master giving me energy (guanding). I knew that my xinxing elevated.

Another instance was when I was doing the exercise by myself wearing a Falun Dafa T-shirt in the park where many Chinese tourists visit. A group of more than 10 police came. I asked them what I did to break the law. I said first, this is a park where others also practice exercises, and second, I did not obstruct anyone here, and third Falun Dafa is a legal society in Singapore. What have I done wrong? 

They couldn’t answer and said someone reported me. I took out a Falun Dafa flier and told them what Falun Dafa is and about the persecution. I also offered fliers to passersby. One of the police told me to continue doing the exercises, and he recorded me. I gladly demonstrated the exercises. That night I could feel myself elevating, and I knew that I acted righteously during this tribulation.

As the years passed, I began to slack off in my cultivation. I stopped reaching Chinese people to help them quit the CCP organizations and doing door-to-door truth clarification. Instead, I stayed home and worked on the Epoch Times newspaper layout. I started to fail many xinxing tests, especially at work.

When I first began practicing I was always calm. No matter how my colleagues treated me, I upheld my xinxing. My superior praised me and said I was always calm like a Buddha. 

As my seniority in the company increased, I started to change. I was reluctant to listen to my junior colleagues. I even raised my voice to show I was in charge. I felt so ashamed afterward, as my colleagues knew I practiced Falun Dafa and they expected me to have a gentle, calm, and humble personality. 

When I looked within, I realized I had a combative mentality that caused me to argue and raise my voice. This combativeness also crept in when I was jealous of my colleague. I asked why I should listen to him as I am older and know better than him. 

In another failed xinxing test, I engaged in verbal combat with my colleague when he didn’t consider my heavy workload and demanded another submission. 

I have been in this state for several years and the worst was during COVID when we all had to work remotely. Because we did not see each other face to face, I openly voiced my opinions. I knew the danger of harboring jealousy.

Master mentioned many times in his lectures about cultivating well and saving sentient beings. Master said, 

“Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings are what you need to accomplish. There is nothing else for you to accomplish. There is nothing else in this world that you need to accomplish. Those are the things that you need to work toward, and yet some people no longer pay much attention to even their own cultivation, and have instead made a priority of ordinary things. Haven’t you strayed from the path of Dafa disciples’ cultivation, then?” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. XIII)

I knew I must make saving sentient beings my priority, and increase the length of time I read the Fa, including reading Master’s new lectures. I should have strong righteous thoughts to save my colleagues like I did when I first began practicing.

Eliminate Attachments, Promote Ganjing World

Last year, Ganjing World (GJW), an online platform, was officially launched, and in October it carried the first product, Shenyun Zuopin. As Shen Yun is directed by Master and Shenyun Zuopin presents Shen Yun's content, I felt the responsibility was high. I worked fast to facilitate meetings and communicate with practitioners. I felt the same urgency to save sentient beings that I had during my initial years of obtaining the Fa. I could feel myself elevating again—something I had not experienced for a very long time.

I will cite two of my cultivation experiences while promoting Gan Jing World. In one case, I was told by practitioners that the message about GJW in the booth design was not clear. I felt I had been wronged as the initial plan for the booth design was changed due to unforeseen circumstances. Looking within, I felt that all these criticisms and remarks were opportunities to elevate. With the thought of saving sentient beings as my priority, I let go of the attachment to self and I stopped feeling angry. I focused on doing well in the promotion of GJW.

I also avoid speaking during our group Fa study because I worry about how practitioners think of me if I don’t say something correctly, or someone may think I have a show-off mentality. Instead, I ask other practitioners to speak on my behalf. During the promotion of GJW, I have to organize sessions to share with the big group. But because I have to focus on what I have to convey, and encourage them to participate in promotion, I don’t think of myself. After talking for more than an hour, I no longer have the attachment of fear.

Introducing Friends, Relatives, and Colleagues to Gan Jing World

Master mentioned many times in Hong Yin Six and other lectures that those who follow traditional values can be saved. I used to go door to door to distribute fliers, talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution, and encourage Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its youth organizations. Now I introduce GJW to people, offering them opportunities to be saved. 

I am thankful that Master provided a chance for me to save Singapore people through the GJW online platform.

Thank you Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2023 Singapore Fa Conference)