(Minghui.org) I’m 70 years old and I live in the countryside. I didn’t finish elementary school and I’m illiterate. However, because I practice Falun Dafa, Master opened my wisdom. I know how to use all kinds of equipment that is used to make truth clarification materials. My family members were amazed when they saw me, an illiterate old woman, using those machines.

It takes a lot of time and effort to make various types of truth clarification materials. My food is simple and I spend a minimum amount of time on grocery shopping. I get up at 3:10 a.m. to do the exercises every morning. I never skip daily Fa study or the times to send righteous thoughts. I also attend a group Fa study once a week. I also raised three grandchildren. So, sometimes, I had to shorten my sleeping time when I got too busy.

Even though I stay home I never miss an opportunity to clarify the truth to people who come to my home, such as tradesman installing a network, checking the gas meter, and also my children’s or grand children’s classmates.

I also go out to distribute truth clarification materials by myself, but I always make enough truth clarification materials for fellow practitioners. Since I live in the countryside I must maintain the material production site. I usually distribute Dafa materials by myself at night. Before I go out I always send righteous thoughts and ask Master to protect me. I make sure that the surveillance video camera is not working.

During the Chinese New Year, I watched the Shen Yun show and sent righteous thoughts at 12 a.m. Then, I went out to distribute truth clarification materials. There are many residential buildings around our village. I posted many stickers in our village which had the message: “Avoid the pandemic and calamity by quitting the CCP and its youth organizations.” After I covered our village, I went to a nearby family compound to post stickers. Surveillance cameras were everywhere. I quickly finished putting up the materials while sending righteous thoughts.

When I passed by my house, I hesitated and debated if I should continue posting or go home. It was late and I was cold and hungry, but my righteous thoughts prevailed. I finally finished putting up about 70 stickers. It is a custom in rural areas to pay New Year greetings. There are no cleaners on New Year’s Day, so people can see eye-catching truth-clarification fliers when walking on the street. I felt particularly happy thinking about those people who would be saved.

At the beginning of the pandemic the other practitioners felt we should hurry up and save people. Our county has a very high population density, but no matter how difficult it was, we distributed the truth materials to the entire county. The elderly practitioners covered the houses, and the young practitioners covered high-rise buildings. Other practitioners helped put together the truth materials and send righteous thoughts. In order to ensure the normal supply of materials, I produced materials all day and delivered them at night. Because people were very sensitive to the spread of COVID at that time, we distributed materials along the roads and often changed locations. I climbed over walls and walked through fields in the middle of the night, but I never felt tired, because I knew I was fulfilling my mission.

It was very difficult to get in and out of villages at the height of the pandemic lock down in 2022. In the two previous years we always found a way out, but the pandemic was very severe in our village. The Public Security personnel patrolled everywhere, and guards were on duty day and night. The entire village was sealed off with iron plates, and there was no entrance or exit. I distributed the materials inside the village very late at night. I sewed pockets inside my down jacket to hold the materials, and could hold more than 60 Falun Dafa fliers at a time.

I later discovered an exit in a field and I was able to deliver materials and weekly magazines to practitioners. The village committee members discovered the gap, sealed it with iron plates and had people guard it. I asked my son to find a way out. My son finally found a way after some exploration. We needed to walk from the mountain and past the mass graves, where the grass is taller than a person. If we left too early, we were afraid of being seen. We were on foot and had to pass the entrance of other villages to reach the county. We had to wait until the people on duty returned home before we could leave. One time I came back late and felt a little anxious, so I recited Master’s poem,

“Dafa does not leave the body,The heart harbors Zhen-Shan-Ren;In the world is a great Arhat,Spirits and ghosts fear greatly.”(“Mighty Virtue,” Hong Yin, translation version B)

The mountain path is overgrown with weeds, and they are over six feet tall. I felt a little uneasy. One night when I was very nervous, I noticed lights and two people riding a motorcycle. They noticed me and asked what I was doing. They continued driving up the mountain. When I saw the lights illuminating the road ahead, I wasn’t afraid.

When I returned home I told my son there was a road to the mountain. He checked the next day and said there was no road. He said no one could walk there, let alone drive a motorcycle. The lockdown is so strict, who would ride a motorcycle up the mountain in the middle of the night? I understood that Master was looking after me. Compassionate Master encouraged me by lighting up my journey when I was afraid.

After Master’s new lecture “How Humankind Came To Be” was published, we distributed it. At night, we distributed it in nearby places where people gathered to sit and chat. Sometimes I also put a copy in a clean place and checked it the next day to see if it had been taken or if it was damaged.

The traditional cultural festival in our village draws people from dozens of miles around, and is really crowded. We distributed truth clarification materials at the festival. The result was very good, but I lost my schoolbag. The next morning, Master enlightened me to look for my schoolbag. I rode a bicycle. When I arrived I saw many fliers were thrown away by people who didn’t know the truth. Since the square is very big, I rode my bicycle around and picked them up. I also found my schoolbag. By the time I finished people came to clean the place. I was touched to the point of crying, because if I hadn’t returned all the truth clarification fliers left on the ground would have been wasted. It was all Master’s arrangement. Fortunately, the materials were not damaged as they were all in packages.

Master said,

“New Year’s would normally be a time for sharing a few pleasant remarks about the occasion. But I am seeing imminent danger approaching humanity, and have been called upon by divine beings to pass along, for this reason, several things to everyone in this world. Each of what I am about to disclose is a higher, closely guarded secret, and these are being shared to provide a true picture of affairs, and to give people another chance at salvation.” (“How Humankind Came To Be”)

Master cherishes everyone and repeatedly offers us opportunities to save people. The Fa-rectification is coming to an end, and as Master’s disciples, we must study the Fa well, work hard on our xinxing, cultivate ourselves, and send righteous thoughts to save more people, and keep up with the speed of Fa-rectification.