(Minghui.org) I teach in a public primary school in Taiwan. When I was assigned to a new class, there were many conflicts among my students. They often argued with their classmates until their faces were red, and this exhausted the teachers. I shared the contents of The Books on Teacher’s Desk with my pupils. I told them that when they bully or swear at others, they receive a black substance – karma; when they treat others with kindness and take a step back, they gain a white substance – virtue. The children soon learned the principles of “gain and loss.” When arguments broke out between students, I opened this book and read them another story. The children were soon able to let go of their anger. Smiles broke out on their once-red faces and the atmosphere in the classroom became increasingly harmonious. 

I discovered that when Minghui books for children are available in classrooms, they bring a calming energy to the class. Every Minghui book for children is available on the Taichung City Education Bureau website, which promotes book reading certificates. Students frequently queue up to borrow these books to read and obtain certificates. Not only does it help promote good reading habits, it also subtly encourages upright moral values. These books are a precious and excellent source of goodness in today’s chaotic world. Minghui books for children have won good reviews from parents as well as teachers in Taiwan. Below are a collection of reviews from people of all walks of life.

The Stories Mirror Children’s Lives

One parent, Xin Ya said, “Minghui books for children help them understand how to be good people by following the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, because the main characters in these stories are children the readers’ age. The plots also mirror their lives. 

“When children read in these books that people their age do not retaliate when they are hit or sworn at, they look at their own shortcomings. These stories leave a deep impression in their hearts. They will truly understand how a good person should conduct themselves. They see they should emulate this behavior as it is more effective than some of what their parents tell them! 

“The storylines in Minghui books for kids are simple yet thought provoking. They pass on upright values to children, and parents can gain inspiration as well.” 

The Stories Are Full of Divinity

Another parent, Hui Lian said, “One day my son told me he thinks there is no God. I was shocked and explained that we cannot say there is no air because we cannot see it—of course God exists! When I saw the refreshing style of the illustration in the Minghui books for children and that the stories were full of divinity, I quickly purchased some for my children to read. I hope reading them will change their perception of God.” 

The Books Help Parents Nurture Children’s Conduct

Xue Limei is a mother of three children who writes a blog about her children and creates video and audio content. She said, “In recent years, children’s picture books have become increasingly diverse in subject matter, from science, language, math, music, American English and so on. Yet, books on character development are comparatively lacking. Through simple storytelling and pleasant drawings, Minghui books for children quietly teach children to be kind and considerate. They are great reading material for parents to nurture children’s conduct and are worth recommending!”

Professor Weng, who works with young children, said, “There are many heartwarming stories in Minghui books for children. Children love them and the response is great. The main character in the stories display actions based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance in everyday life, inspiring readers to do the same thing.” 

Professor Weng reads the book, The Holy Book From Heaven With a Blue Cover, to children.

Xiao Xin reads the book The Holy Book From Heaven With a Blue Cover.

Children Learn to Respect Heaven and God

Bo Ren, a parent, said, “I used to give toys or snacks as gifts to my nieces and nephews. However, they got tired of playing with the toys after a few days and the snacks were eaten. I thought of giving them books. They were thrilled and wanted me to read the books to them. My nephew knows a few words while my niece can only understand pictures. They ask lots of questions.

“I thought it was an excellent thing—reading stories to children. The purpose of Minghui books is to tell people that good will be rewarded with good, and vice versa, as well as how to be a good person. Through the stories, children know to respect Heaven and God. They learn how to be a better person through a gentle and enjoyable approach, which is different from being preached to by parents. I am grateful to the team who created these books that help parents find a good way to interact with their children.” 

The Books Have Far-reaching Connotations

Xiao Jun, a primary school teacher, said, “China’s five-thousand-year history and culture contains a rich moral heritage and customs. As dynasties changed, what remains unchanged throughout are China’s traditional values.

“According to results of a survey on ‘Top 10 Topics on Education Parents in Taiwan are Most Concerned About in 2024,’ parents continue to pay attention to children’s moral education. These are unchanging values since ancient times. In an age of technology and globalization, everyone is striving to innovate and seeks to change education, hoping to nurture the younger generation’s ability to handle a constantly evolving environment. However, inner character is the basis for a stable society.

“I recommend these educational books by Minghui Publishing that are concise, have far-reaching connotations and are suitable for the whole family to read together. Although dogmatic advocacy has some effect in moral education, it is the moving and good stories that will have a subtle influence and persuasion. I suggest that everyone reference these excellent reading materials to nourish our bodies, hearts and spirits!” 

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