(Minghui.org) My 88-year-old mother and I have been practicing Falun Dafa for nearly twenty years. Before practicing, we were both weak and sickly. We are now illness-free and have never needed to take medication or receive injections. Our family members have witnessed the power of Dafa. While encountering sickness karma tests, we firmly believed in Master Li Hongzhi and the Fa, and came through them smoothly under his protection and enlightenment.

In spring of this year, my mother passed the sickness karma tests twice.

She lives in an apartment for seniors. She doesn’t want to bother her children, so they can work without worry. The senior apartment is also a good cultivation environment where she can meet people and clarify the truth about the persecution to them.

She called me and asked me to go over, saying she couldn’t open her mouth. I rushed over there and saw my mother lying in bed. Her teeth were clenched. I asked her if she could sit up. She nodded. I helped her up, and we both began to send forth righteous thoughts. About half an hour later, my mother was feeling well. I took her to my home, where she rested for a few days. I then brought her back to her apartment.

My mother called me again less than five days later, saying that she felt very hot. I rushed over and helped her by sending forth righteous thoughts. After a while, her body temperature returned to normal. I took her back to my home again and reminded her that she needed to look inward. She said she did have a wrongful thought, “Some elderly people who died were carried out from my complex, and I wondered whether their souls were still there.” While thinking about this, she felt weak right away. Upon returning home, she had to pull herself back up the stairs by holding onto the staircase railing. She believed this incorrect thought brought on her problems.

She had a fever at night, felt lethargic, and her face was red. I sent forth righteous thoughts for her, but the thoughts were not strong. I got worried. My mother is at such an advanced age. If I didn’t use medicine to help her, as most people expect, my siblings would be displeased with me if something happened to her.

I stayed with her until dawn, and she was much better. When it was almost noon, another test came. My sister-in-law, my nephew, and his wife came to visit. Seeing her situation, my nephew rushed to take her temperature. It was 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit. They asked me why I did not give her medicine. I hurriedly explained, “People have a variety of ways to treat illness. Some use injections and drugs, some use massage, some use qigong, etc. We are Falun Dafa practitioners. As long as we practice, we will be okay. She is much better now than last night.”

At this time, my sister-in-law and nephew began to look for medicine. They poured some water for my mother to take the medication. I had never seen them care so much about her. I became enraged and thought, “There are things you should do for her, but you don’t. Now, there is no need to worry, but you’re [suddenly] so concerned!”

I wanted to walk away and let them take care of her, but I thought they would be hurt if I indeed walked away. I calmly said, “If mom wants to take the medication, then give it to her.” My mother took the medicine to show she appreciated their care.

My mother’s incorrect action of taking medication brought her problems that night. She had a severe headache, and began moaning. She asked me to find more medication for her. I was gritting my teeth, however, I couldn’t help myself and said, “I’ll give it to you since you think you’re sick. You did not make the right choice today and invited this trouble!”

Feeling aggravated, my mother replied, “I really cannot tolerate it. I have a bad headache. I even wanted to call your brother. I do what I like.” As soon as I saw that my mother had lost her righteous thoughts, I knew that the old forces had taken advantage of her.

I immediately calmed down and looked inward. For some time, I often had a thought in the depths of my mind that my mother was old, and it would be dangerous if her righteous thoughts were not strong. I was unintentionally falling into the mindset of “old age, sickness, and death.” I denied this thought right away. I shared this with my mother and said, “I was wrong. It was my unrighteous thoughts that brought about the interference. We should not have any gaps. We must do what Master says and improve based on the Fa.”

My mother listened attentively. I added, “Real practitioners don’t have ordinary diseases. Issues with our xinxing is what causes problems. We did not firmly believe in Master and the Fa, so the evil is exploiting us.

“We made a wish from a distant celestial body to come to the human world to be Dafa disciples and help Master save sentient beings. We must go home together, following Master hand in hand. That is our long-cherished wish. We need to listen to Master to walk our cultivation paths righteously.” Mother nodded in agreement. A peaceful and compassionate smile appeared on her face.

I had a wish in my heart at that moment, “The cosmic law of birth, old age, sickness, and death do not apply to the precious elderly Dafa disciples in the world. Let’s go forward together and walk firmly on the path of cultivation arranged by Master!”

I slept at my mother’s place that night. I noticed she had a grimace on her face because of a headache. I felt I had been too harsh on her, and she was scared. I had to correct myself and said, “You can take a painkiller if it hurts.” I did so to test her. My mother smiled and said, “I have prepared some pills, broken into four pieces, and wrapped them in toilet paper. If I can’t tolerate the pain, I’ll get up and take them.” I smiled and brought the pills to her.

In the morning, my brother called long distance. He was worried and wanted to come over. I said, “Mom took some pills last night. She is fine. Don’t worry.” My brother was quite happy. My mother’s headache then came back. This time, she said with righteous thoughts, “I took a bunch of medicine, and you [the old forces] stopped hurting for a few hours. After I stopped the medicine, you came back to hurt me again. I won’t take medicine again. I’ll let you hurt and hurt you to death. I will eliminate you! I will pass this test with righteous thoughts!”

When I came home from work at noon, my mother said to me, “I didn’t take any medicine. I just sincerely recited, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’” I gave her a thumbs-up and went home from work in the evening. My mother was well and had no more pain. My brother and sister called her, and she told them, “I didn’t get better because of the medicine. Instead, I got better without it! Which one do you think works?” They both encouraged her to continue practicing Dafa.

It seemed like this was a test for my mother, but it was also a test for me and my family members. I found my resentment, jealousy, and unkindness for them. I’m determined to get rid of those attachments, and I will be kind and grateful to everyone I meet. I realize that everything I encounter on the path of cultivation is not by chance, and I will cherish every opportunity to improve my xinxing.

Now that my mother is back in her apartment, she is getting stronger and showing the goodness of Dafa to people around her.

I have no words to express my gratitude to Master! I will listen to him and do well with the three things to repay his compassion!