(Minghui.org) Every time that I headed out for small group Fa study, I would pass by former practitioner Dali’s house. Seeing the lights shining in his house, I would think how great it would be if he could join us for Fa study too.

Dali distanced himself from the body of cultivators in 2015 after a practitioner was seized by the police for distributing truth-clarification materials and disclosed Dali’s identity. Due to that, Dali was illegally detained for five months. After that, Dali slowly distanced himself from practitioners and slacked off terribly in his cultivation. He started to smoke and drink, and he even started joining pyramid schemes. Many practitioners exchanged understandings of cultivation with him many times, and Dali pulled out of the pyramid schemes, but he still did not really return to cultivation. He did not study the Fa or practice the exercises.

One day, I exchanged cultivation thoughts about Dali’s cultivation state with three other practitioners. Practitioner Andi said that he had gone to look for Dali a few times in the past, and during those visits, Dali’s cultivation state did not seem very good. He was neither able to share thoughts based on the Fa, nor did he want to speak to people. Sometimes, he would act rashly too. As such, Andi did not feel like visiting Dali anymore. Practitioner Bing also did not feel like going. Practitioner Cai had just started cultivating, so it was unlikely that he would go. As such, I was a bit unhappy and told them that since I was so busy looking after my grandson every day I couldn’t go either.

I later understood that I had an attachment to reliance and seeking comfort, and I liked to ask others to help me with difficult problems. If they did not agree to help me, I would even start complaining about them and feel unhappy in my heart. This was wrong of me. I needed to get rid of these bad ordinary human attachments and correct myself based on the Fa. I recalled that before Dali was persecuted, he was one of the local coordinator practitioners who cooperated with other practitioners and did very well in helping to rescue fellow practitioners who had been detained. Furthermore, his wife cultivated at that time. His wife had also later stopped cultivating. I thought that Dali was just being obstructed by his ordinary human attachments, which had given the evil an excuse to create disturbances. If he could study the Fa, he would be able to improve his cultivation state based on the Fa in a very short time.

I thought that since I understood that, I should be the one to help him. However, negative thoughts kept arising in my mind. In the past, I had gone to Dali many times about matters that were related to cooperating as one body, but I had been rejected by him many times. He had either frowned and would not look at me, or he got really agitated. Would he also ignore me this time? Since improving as one body is what Master Li (Dafa’s founder) wants, I tried hard to get rid of these negative thoughts and not think about other things anymore.

One afternoon, I took my little grandson to Dali’s house and both Dali and his wife were at home. When they saw me, they were happy and even warmly greeted me to have a seat. As we chatted, we recalled the days when all of us worked as one body to rescue fellow practitioners amid the persecution and scenes of us studying the Fa and exchanging cultivation thoughts together. Dali also felt emotional about it. I said, “Come and study the Fa with us. We can even exchange cultivation thoughts together if there is time left.” However, Dali declined the invitation, saying that he was busy. I thought that I was impatient, hoping that I could succeed in persuading him quickly.

A few days later, I took my grandson to Dali’s house again and it was drizzling slightly. This time only his wife was at home, and I begged his wife to pass the message to Dali, asking him to come join us for Fa study. However, Dali still did not come.

One day, I exchanged cultivation thoughts with Bing after Fa study. I asked her if we could set up a Fa study group at Dali’s house. Bing agreed and we planned to let her go study the Fa with Dali first and I would join them when I had time. Bing agreed.

When the day we had planned to study the Fa together passed, I asked Bing if she had gone to study the Fa with Dali. Bing said that she had not done it yet. She said that she had sent Dali’s wife a message, but his wife had not replied. Bing thought that this meant that his wife did not want Bing to go. Furthermore, her ordinary human thoughts had been aroused, so Bing had decided not to go anymore. I said that this was a form of disturbance to create a division between us, not wanting us to form one body. We should not fall into the evil’s trap. I said I would make arrangements for someone to take care of my grandson the following day and both of us could go to Dali’s house at 3:30 pm. Bing agreed.

Around 3 pm the following day, I went out with my electronic book and 10 sets of truth-clarification materials. After distributing the materials, I went to Dali’s house. When I entered, I saw Dali and his wife busy packing some things and Bing had yet to arrive. I asked them why they were packing things. Dali said that they were sending some things to a relative, and both of them were enjoying the process and had no intention of stopping. In addition, both of them were even arguing over how to pack the stuff. This made me feel so embarrassed, standing on one side like such a third wheel. I wanted to go home, but I calmed myself down. I was there to study the Fa, how could I go home? I should not be moved by the situation. I sent forth righteous thoughts to get rid of the evil elements that were disturbing our Fa study and sought Master’s strengthening. After a while, both of them calmed down.

I asked Dali, “Are you in a hurry to send all these things today?” He replied that it was not urgent, and he could send them tomorrow instead. I asked, “In that case, can we study the Fa first?” Surprisingly, Dali swiftly replied, “Okay!” His wife said, “Lunch has already been prepared. Why don’t you study the Fa after lunch?” I sat to one side to wait for him, as I watched a mass of colored matter floating outside the window. It looked very gentle and pretty.

Just as we were about to start studying the Fa, Dali’s wife wanted to go out to buy some tape. I said, “Let’s study the Fa together. Why don’t you buy the tape tomorrow?!” She was embarrassed to shirk Fa study again, so we finally started to study the Fa formally, and we studied until past five o’clock. As I needed to go home to prepare dinner for my family, I had no choice but to leave. Just then, Bing came and I told them that they could continue with the Fa study.

On the third day, I went to Dali’s house to continue the Fa study. This time, I looked out the window and the colorful mass had disappeared. This time, I finally understood that the colorful mass was Master’s encouragement for us. I am so dimwitted! Thank you Master! I told Dali and his wife about the colorful mass that I had seen outside their window, and they were elated about it.

Later, I was not able to go to their house for Fa study every day, so I only went when I had time. However, Bing went to study the Fa and practiced the exercises with them every day. I heard from Bing that Dali had become very diligent in his cultivation. He told Bing that when he was reading Master’s lectures, there were many principles that he seemed to have never read before. He regretted wasting so much time.

In the past, his wife had suffered from coldness in her calves and feet, such that she could not feel warm even if she slept on a boiling hot brick bed and covered herself with thick blankets. After going through this period of Fa study and practicing the exercises, she recovered and she was really happy about it.

Currently, Dali and his wife are able to study the Fa and practice the exercises by themselves voluntarily.

Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments; the Fa can destroy all evil; the Fa can shatter all lies; and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress II)

Our former fellow practitioners have finally returned to cultivation and I am really happy about it. All of this was Master’s doing. Thank you Master. I still have quite a way to go to catch up with the practitioners who have cultivated well. I must put more effort into my cultivation from now on and become one of Master’s truly cultivating disciples.