(Minghui.org) As practitioners continue to tell people what happens in the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa in China, more people are waking up to the truth, and some even help practitioners. I’d like to share how I avoided arrest because an official helped me.

When I traveled on a high-speed rail the railroad police found the Falun Dafa books I had in my bag. The police and agents from the 610 Office came to my apartment to conduct a search and found more Falun Dafa-related items.

One officer went directly to the main bedroom. Another officer who knew the truth about the persecution walked into my bedroom. When he saw the banner that says “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” behind the bedroom door, he took it down, opened the window, and put it outside. He saw my notebook with my thoughts on the Falun Dafa teachings on my nightstand. He placed another book on the nightstand and left the drawer open, indicating that it had been searched and nothing was found. Similarly with the Falun Dafa DVDs he found in a desk drawer, he put a photo album over the DVDs, and another photo album on the desk, leaving the drawer open.

The officer who was video recording him saw what he did, but said nothing. Before they left, the officer who was video recording told me to shut my window, and that was when I found the banner outside. With the two officers’ help, the rest of them found nothing during the search.

The authorities wanted to search my home in another city. A local official and a residential commissioner from that city came to pick me up and drove me there. The local official sat right next to me in the back and said in a worried tone, “How could you be so careless and let them find your Falun Dafa books?”

The official said that he lived in the same town I did. I said, “You have to help your old neighbor then.” He said nothing, but I could tell that he was thinking about it. He checked my bag that was full of Falun Dafa books and a MP3 audio player. When he saw cash which was imprinted with information about Falun Dafa, he grabbed the two dollar bills and handed them to me. The residential commissioner saw it and said that there was Falun Dafa information on the bills, and it was evidence that I was telling people about Falun Dafa.

The official asked if I still practiced Falun Dafa. I said that the injuries I sustained during a car accident disappeared after I took up the practice. He quickly told the residential commissioner and the driver that I benefited a great deal from the practice. He gave me my cellphone and told me to call my family. I knew that he meant I should call them so they could hide any Falun Dafa-related items before we got there.

When we arrived, the official told the residential commissioner, “Perhaps we don’t have to go inside her home?” The commissioner said no, so they entered and looked around.

Afterwards, they never came back to bother me. I know that the official must have put in a lot of effort to prevent me from being further harassed or arrested.

The kind acts of those people who knew the truth about Falun Dafa saved me from danger. I feel happy for them. They will be blessed and have a great future. More importantly I thank Master for his protection, and the practitioners who tirelessly spread the truth to wake people up.