(Minghui.org) I’m in my 50s and work in the education system. After I took up Falun Dafa years ago, my health improved. Many of my colleagues often asked me how I stay so young and radiant.

Falun Dafa also improved my heart and changed me into a kind and considerate person. The year after my husband divorced me (after he had an affair), my former mother-in-law became ill. As my ex-husband worked out of town and couldn’t come back to care for his mother, I often went to visit her and brought her food, even though I no longer had any obligation to do so. I told my former parents-in-law about Dafa and how Dafa changed people’s hearts. They became interested and I shared Master’s audio lecture with them.

Gradually, my former mother-in-law’s health improved. Her bad temper also changed and she no longer fought with her husband. Her face was glowing with a rosy complexion. When I visited her, she would tell me touching cultivation stories about other Dafa practitioners.

The lives of several other practitioners I know have also been transformed, thanks to Falun Dafa.

Practitioner Ailian had struggled with poor health in the past. Her face was sallow and she was very sensitive to cold. Even her own family avoided her. After she took up Dafa, she regained her health and took on many household chores that she couldn’t do in the past.

Practitioner Fengyi, 74, used to have a severe condition in her feet. She was emaciated and had difficulty walking. Her family couldn’t afford medical treatment for her, so she had to put up with the pain. Now that she’s a cultivator, she is spry and full of energy. She even helps her daughters harvest corn or goes up the mountain to chop firewood. Fengyi’s neighbor, impressed by these changes, began to practice Dafa and his hunchback was straightened.