(Minghui.org) Within two days, Master published two articles. One of them, “Stay Far Away From Peril,” deeply struck my heart.

I started to practice Falun Dafa when I was in my thirties. I practiced alone prior to 2009 but I was not diligent. After 2012, however, I decided to catch up and truly cultivate. I read the Fa and set up a materials production site. I did several things to validate the Fa, and supplied practitioners with Dafa books and materials. I moved materials and the equipment used to produce them to a safe spot when practitioners were arrested. Despite the tight surveillance, I protected the equipment when the other practitioners were afraid to do so.

I suffered terrible losses in the investments I made before I began practicing. My wife left me and my family was broken up. I lost a large front tooth when I was in my forties, and my hair began to turn gray when I was in my fifties. Now that I’m in my sixties, I color my gray hair. I’ve lost more than twelve teeth and have a problem eating if I don’t use my dentures!

I don’t think that Master owes us practitioners anything. Instead I feel ashamed to face him.

First of all, Master did not ask me for a single cent. Instead, he made me healthy. I am a retired military officer. Although I don’t have any major health problems, I suffered from chronic rheumatoid arthritis and gastroenteritis before I began practicing. I had ear infections and headaches, and occasionally the flu. After I began practicing, all these problems went away and I was free of illness. I suffered from chronic ear infections as a child, but after I embarked on my spiritual journey I felt the problem move from inside my ear to the surface. Now, although pus still occasionally comes out, I know it is Master further purifying my body after I make progress in cultivation! Like many practitioners who had loose bowels when they first began to practice, I went to the toilet seven or eight times a day when Master was cleansing my body. Yet, I felt better each time. This was different from when I was not a practitioner and had gastroenteritis—I felt weak and had to lay in bed after going to the toilet three times. If not for Master’s compassionate salvation, I would not be so healthy now.

Furthermore, Master took on the debts I owed in previous lifetimes. On one occasion I fell into a mine pit along with a truck filled with ore. I fell from a high point twice and had four car accidents, but every time I escaped death narrowly, to the astonishment of eyewitnesses. Master protected my life on these occasions and enabled me to repay my karmic debt at the same time. On top of that, when I was young, I miraculously survived a drowning incident. Then a chimney collapsed and smashed the chair I was sitting on. When I climbed Huashan mountain, I lost my balance but was caught in the nick of time by a strong wind. Master saved my life more than ten times!

Although my hair is gray now and some of my teeth have fallen out, it is because I did not cultivate well. For instance, I worked as a telemarketer but never made phone calls to save people. I am considered an educated person but I rarely clarify the truth face to face. I lodged a complaint against Jiang Zemin in my real name but I am reluctant to tell practitioners my real name, which caused misunderstandings and problems when we worked on truth clarification projects.

I envy other practitioners who have black hair and have grown new teeth in their seventies and eighties. I resorted to products to color my hair and strengthen my teeth after sending righteous thoughts for a period of time did not yield any results. Now, although my coworkers comment on my gray hair and missing teeth, they think I look healthy. I’m kind and indomitable in the face of hardship. They think I act righteously when I’m harassed!

Think about it: Without Master, who will safeguard our lives? Without Master, our health will become a problem. Without Master, will the three realms and sentient beings in the universe have a future?!

Under Master’s compassionate salvation, my debts incurred in this life were resolved. I regained my public service job and started a new family. I receive my pension and insurance benefits. I’m now free of ailments. Although I am fortunate to become a Dafa practitioner during the Fa-rectification period and many divine beings envy us practitioners, I consider myself insignificant. I am infinitely grateful to Master for saving me from hell, purifying my mind, body, and soul, and teaching me to cultivate using the principles of the universe. As a Dafa practitioner who truly wants to practice cultivation, besides working hard to do the three things well, how can I blame or complain about our compassionate, magnificent Master?!

[Note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)]