(Minghui.org) I am a long-distance truck driver. I have been traveling to Lhasa, Shigatse, and other places in Tibet since about 2013. 

I was in my 50s back then. I had all kinds of chronic health problems, such as premature heartbeat, tachycardia, and severe constipation. I was miserable. But I was responsible for raising my family, so I had to make those trips.  

Agonizing Altitude Sickness

The Tibetan Plateau is commonly known as the “roof of the world,” where the average altitude is 4,000 to 5,000 meters (about 13,000 to 16,400 feet). It’s difficult to deal with the harsh conditions there, including thin air, extreme solar radiation, and the huge temperature difference between day and night.

Many newcomers to the region suffer altitude sickness. Their symptoms included irregular heartbeat, fainting, headaches, dizziness, and shortness of breath. In severe cases, one can develop lung or brain edema. I often saw people suddenly pass out as they were working. Many experienced drivers take oxygen tanks and medications along on their trips to prepare for the possibility of this serious health risk.

We usually have two drivers in the truck so they can take turns driving to avoid fatigue. Most of the drivers are in their 30s and 40s. It was rare for people to see drivers in their 50s like me. Even though I took all the necessary precautions and various medications and used oxygen, my headaches were quite severe. I could not lay flat, sleep, or eat, and my stomach was distended and really hurt. I was constipated, but I dared not strain, afraid that a lack of blood flow to the brain might cause me to pass out and die. The trip was agonizing, and I often felt on the verge of death.

Second Trip to Tibet Easy Thanks to Master Li’s Lecture

A fellow truck driver recommended Falun Dafa to me in 2014. He gave me a CD with lectures by Li Hongzhi, the founder of this wonderful cultivation practice, When I drove to Tibet again, I listened to Master Li’s lectures, and I did not have a headache. I was amazed; not only that, but I had a good appetite and could eat as usual.

At a truck stop, I noticed many fellow truck drivers were taking medicine and using oxygen. I wondered why I wasn’t sick like they were. Was it because I listened to the Falun Dafa lectures? It was so amazing!

Another more miraculous thing made me believe in Dafa cultivation even more. We were advised to walk and move slowly and not to strain when we defecated for fear of the consequences, which could be serious. At one of the rest stops, I realized that I no longer had a problem having a bowel movement—the constipation that had tormented me for many years was resolved!

My joy was beyond words. I could not believe Dafa was so amazing! On my way home, as I was listening to Master’s Fa teachings, I could not help but cry—they were tears of happiness and gratitude. I began practicing Falun Dafa right then. Whenever my fellow truck drivers go to Tibet, I tell them my story about the healing power of Dafa.