(Minghui.org) When I returned home after being persecuted, an acquaintance got me an out-of-town job as a housekeeper for a hotel. I was responsible for cleaning the hotel hallway and certain floors. A coworker and I took turns covering the workload each day. The parent company of this hotel ran a few other hotels, and whenever a hotel became busy, the company would transfer staff to that location to help out. So I constantly encountered a lot of people and used these opportunities to tell people the facts about Falun Dafa and help them quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Responsibly Fulfilling My Duties

As I was finishing a night shift, I began to help another staff person to clean the rooms. One guest said he made a mess in his room, and this created extra work for us to clean the room. He ended up offering us a tip of 10 yuan each. I thanked him, but declined to take the money.

A handicapped man from Taiwan regularly stayed at our hotel. I talked with him about Falun Dafa, and he knows that I’m a practitioner. He usually left his laundry with the attendant to have it dry cleaned. However, he once insisted on having his clothes washed by hand. Since the attendants were too busy to take care of it, I took on the job.

When the clothes were dried, I folded them neatly and delivered them to his room. When the manager on duty wanted to reimburse me the laundry fee, I declined to take it. I said, “I did it at work, and the cost of the hydro and water were covered by the hotel. I can’t take any money. Let’s just say I did him a favor.” So the manager returned the money to the man.

The department manager once assigned me to clean a utility room that was rarely used. As soon as I opened the door, the lock broke off. After I cleaned up the room, I went and bought a replacement lock so I could lock the door. After the manager learned what I did, he remarked, “This lock broke a long time ago, you didn’t have to pay for that.” I thought I had broken it, so as a Falun Dafa practitioner, I had to pay for what I damaged.

The hotel stipulated that for every minute an employee was late for work, three yuan would be deducted from their pay. However, the punch-card machine didn’t work well and was hard to read, or sometimes didn’t imprint at all. My colleagues usually didn’t check in if they arrived late, they just signed in later. When I was a few minutes late, I told the manager on duty so she could make a record of it. One coworker wondered why I was so honest, as no one would have known had I not mentioned it. However, I practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I couldn’t fake it, and knew that whatever was supposed to be deducted from my pay should be deducted.

Cultivating Myself Amid Conflicts

The hotel added a large conference room, which increased our cleanup workload. It always required a few people to work together to get it done. My colleague Bao told me that when the senior employees were at work, most of them would work for a little while then sit somewhere for the remainder of the day. I didn’t pay attention to what she said and just smiled.

One day, I happened to overhear Bao and another colleague, Cai, talking. Bao said, “The newcomer did the work very quickly, and it was nicely done. She is good!” Cai then mumbled something uncomplimentary. But I didn’t take it to heart and greeted them as usual. However, they didn’t look at me, and Bao even cursed under her breath, “Bull power! What bull power! Work like a bull!”

When working in the hall, a male housekeeper said to me, “Auntie, it’s not going to get you anywhere for the job we’re doing here.” The implication was: don’t sell yourself short. But I wasn’t concerned about what he said and just smiled.

Another conflict arose when the apartment I was renting became too humid, which made the furniture become moldy. So I found somewhere else to live. After Cai learned that I had moved, she teamed up with other coworkers to badmouth me, saying that I must have done something wrong since I moved out of that place so soon.

They maliciously attacked me. Some coworkers couldn’t stand to see this happen and felt they had to speak up. Someone said, “I can see she is a good person.”

I encountered a few things like this which targeted my xinxing, so I wanted to identify my attachments that caused these tribulations.

Through Fa study, I gradually began to look inward and found a lot of attachments, such as a show-off mentality, the desire to validate myself, liking to hear praise, not wanting to be criticized, vanity, suspicion, looking down on others, and seeking leisure. They all fed into my attachments to fame and self-interest. I realized that for all the years I’ve been cultivating, I hadn’t realized I still had so many filthy substances hidden in my thinking. It was compassionate Master, seeing that I hadn’t enlightened, who used my colleagues’ words to trigger my attachments.

I felt lighthearted after becoming clear on the Fa-principles and discovering my attachments. Not only did I no longer resent my colleagues, but I felt regret for not cultivating well, which caused them to be disrespectful to Dafa. I felt they were so pitiful, as they behaved that way because they were poisoned by the Communist Party’s culture.

In today’s China, the CCP has indoctrinated people to harm others just to benefit themselves. In this apocalypse of the “Red Regime,” in which morality has fallen and conscience is lost, people no longer know what professional ethics are. They’re ignorant about the traditional need for dutifulness, conscientiousness, and hard work. People have become accustomed to self-deceit and obfuscation.

Therefore, my mentality of carrying out my duties with dedication and diligence had undermined their long-standing way of doing things. They felt unbalanced because I was often appreciated by the people around me. Yet, they felt only grievances against me.

I also enlightened to why I often got the work done faster and could do a lot more than my colleagues. On the surface, I was very diligent, but deep down I wanted to prove I was an exemplary employee. I wanted to gain recognition from people so they would think highly of me. This boiled down to my attachment to fame. Ironically, the end result was just the opposite.

I began to rectify myself by the Fa’s standards after I came to realize these things. I cared about both Bao and Cai from the bottom of my heart. So I started by paying attention to their feelings. When they badmouthed me, I pretended nothing happened and even shared any goodies with them. In the summer, our managers had mung bean soup delivered to us to relieve the heat. I asked those two to take what they wanted first.

I once bought a bag of fruit on my way home and gave it to the housekeepers to share. Upon seeing my actions, Bao and Cai couldn’t believe that I could be so selfless. Gradually, their attitudes changed for the better.

I also began to talk to my colleagues about all aspects of Falun Dafa and the persecution. Unfortunately, before I even got a chance to talk to Bao, she was let go. But Cai became receptive to the facts I told her, and finally said, “Falun Dafa is good!”

Cai was transferred to another hotel. I later heard she had a stroke. So I bought a few gifts and went to see her. When she saw me, she was so touched that she couldn’t hold back her tears. I talked to her again about Falun Dafa and persuaded her to quit the Party and its affiliates to ensure her future safety. She gladly quit. She also began reciting the phrases “Falun Dafa is good!” “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” I felt so happy for her being saved after she learned the truth.

Whenever I had the opportunity, I talked to people about Falun Dafa and helped them quit the Party. Both my department manager and the president of the hotel knew that I did this, and they didn’t stop me. What I did and said at work, as well as how I treated others, were observed by my managers, and they gave my actions full approval. When the company evaluated employees, I always wrote down simple facts about Falun Dafa on the form we submitted to the managers. None of my managers were against me doing that.

Clarifying the Facts to Room Attendants

The busiest place in the hotel was guest services. Whenever it was busy, the department managers arranged for the housekeepers to give room service a hand. I could use this as an opportunity to clarify the facts to the attendants on duty and help them quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.

There were two dozen attendants in the guest services department, and they worked either by themselves or in pairs. Whenever I ran into them, I told them about the beauty of Dafa. I then purposefully picked the attendants whom I had very little or no contact with to tell them the facts about Falun Dafa. Afterward, they got together to discuss what they heard. Since they all had different understandings, I talked with them many times. Once they learned a lot of facts, the majority of them began to acknowledge Dafa. When we changed shifts, some colleagues even asked if I could teach them how to do the sitting meditation. The New Year’s desk and wall calendars that contained information about Falun Dafa, became very popular.

The staff turnover rate at the hotel was very high. Some of the newer hires had been deeply poisoned by the CCP’s lies and didn’t accept the facts I told them. One of them made a joke about Dafa and spread it among her colleagues. She even told the department manager. Luckily, the manager already knew the truth and believed in Dafa’s goodness, so he didn’t report me. That employee was later let go. I felt so sad that she hadn’t learned the truth.

Clarifying the Facts to Security Guards

The people with whom I had the most contact with were the security guards. Besides the ones from my company, there were also some from other nearby places. These security guards often got together and chatted. Some were newcomers, while some filled in the shifts for others. This created a good environment for me to reach out to a lot of people.

To do this, I usually started by discussing the basic truths about Falun Dafa. I said that through cultivation, practitioners benefited both mentally and physically, and their morality improved. I also mentioned real examples. If time allowed, I then talked about the persecution I had been subjected to by the CCP. They all accepted what I said. Some even agreed to quit the CCP.

I told one security guard that since 2015, over 200,000 practitioners and their family members were prosecuting former CCP leader Jiang Zemin (who was responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa) in the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court. One security guard shouted out, “Pressing charges against Jiang and the CCP would be going too easy! Chopping it into pieces wouldn’t even be enough punishment!”

Over the years, a few security guards at our hotel have not only read the booklet Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, but have also watched Shen Yun DVDs and listened to Minghui podcasts. Some of them have also read Zhuan Falun.

For the nearly ten years I worked at the hotel, I clarified the facts about Dafa and helped a lot of people quit the CCP. I also reached out to people and handed out informational materials and Shen Yun DVDs when I wasn’t working.

Many predestined people became supportive of practitioners after learning the truth, and some sincerely recited the two phrases so as to be blessed by Dafa. Even though I quietly did what I was supposed to do, I gained a lot of respect from people. There used to be a middle-aged man who regularly stayed at our hotel, as well as an elderly lady who often came to the hotel for the Health Products Expo. When they saw me, they immediately shouted out, “Falun Dafa is good!” “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

My Brother-in-Law Overcomes a Disease

I eventually left the hotel and went back to my hometown. This ended over ten years of being away from home and wandering around. I went home to babysit my grandson and help look after the family business. When my acquaintances and friends saw me, they offered their sincere wishes. Since then, I have run into more people, and my environment for spreading the facts about Dafa has improved. I have continuously clarified the facts to save sentient beings. Although I had to suffer hardships, there was also happiness. I’d like to share one miracle that happened.

When my brother-in-law went out to cut the grass in November 2019 and feed it to the cows, he was bitten by an insect. He didn’t pay much attention to it, as he didn’t know that it was a poisonous bug.

A week later, he had a fever, and the family couldn’t bring his temperature down to normal. He was unable eat and felt a complete lack of strength. So he went to the county Red Cross Hospital for treatment and was immediately hospitalized.

The doctor, however, couldn’t identify what the problem was. My brother-in-law soon lost consciousness. It was only after he was transferred to the County No. 1 Hospital that he was diagnosed with a poisonous insect bite. The poison had spread throughout his body, and he was in serious condition. He was immediately transferred to the ICU. Given his situation, his family didn’t have much hope that he would survive.

I rushed to the hospital when I heard about what was happening. His entire body was swollen. His skin had turned dark, and his face muscles were stiff. He was strapped to the bed, and it looked like he was on the brink of death. I thought that only Master Li could help him.

I calmed down and stood by his bedside. I repeatedly recited the two phrases to him and maintained one strong thought, “Let him hear every single word I say.” I looked at his face and continued reciting the phrases.

I suddenly saw his face muscles begin to relax, starting at his jaw and going upwards. I could clearly tell the contracted muscles from the relaxed ones. I kept reciting the phrases and didn’t stop for a minute. I then saw the muscles around his mouth, nose, eyes, forehead, and whole face relax. His complexion even became normal.

I only recited the phrases for a few minutes before he began to heal. I knew this was attributable to the fact that his family had already learned the truth. He truly believed that Dafa is good and agreed to quit the CCP’s organizations. Therefore, Master saved him and helped him resolve this tribulation.

I went back to the hospital three days later and saw that he could sit up and was able to eat. He recovered in about 12 days and was discharged.

His doctor said there had been five patients with the same problem as his, but he was the most fortunate one. It was truly a miracle! His entire family also got to witness the miracle of his survival, and truly felt grateful to Dafa.

There are still many people to be saved. I will continue to tell people the facts to validate Dafa. No matter how long my Fa-rectification path is, I will use the Fa as guidance and walk to the end to be deserving of Master’s freely given grace.

I bow to Master. Heshi!