(Minghui.org) I felt very guilty after reading Master’s two most recent articles. Although what Master mentioned in the articles focused on the damaging behavior being done by a few overseas practitioners, since the articles have been published on the Minghui website, all Dafa practitioners should look at themselves to see if they have the same issues.

Behaviors that Undermine the Fa

Master pointed out the manifestations and results of similar behavior in Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa. Master controls everything and knows everything. Early on, Master foretold and warned us of all the things that would happen, but we lacked the ability to enlighten to them.

Reflecting on myself, did I ever resent Master? Of course not. Did I ever doubt him? The answer was definitely yes. When Master postponed the end time of the Fa-rectification period again and again due to our imperfect cultivation, my first reaction was to think, “Has the time changed again?” even though I knew that Master must have his reasons for doing so and that I could not reach consummation at my current xinxing level, that I hadn’t saved the sentient beings I should have saved. But, I shouldn’t doubt him for even a second. A genuine practitioner who believes in Master 100 percent will absolutely not have a shadow of a doubt. What Master wants is what his disciples want. We should carry out whatever Master has arranged for us, simply and cleanly, without any hesitation—those are qualified disciples.

Doubt is the beginning of not believing. As Master was giving a stick warning to those who undermined the Fa, we should rectify our impure hearts and have absolute confidence in Master.

Our Attitude Toward the Minghui Website

The Minghui website is a pure land for us who are walking on the path of the divine. I don’t need to talk about its importance and uniqueness here. I realized I spent far less time reading Minghui articles than I did reading articles on the Epoch Times and NTDTV websites. I only skimmed those articles about the persecution. Master’s recent two articles also woke me up. I didn’t recognize the importance of the Minghui website enough and didn’t put my heart into it. The reports about the persecution are closely related to saving sentient beings. How could I not care about them? At the very least we can send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in a certain city that the Minghui website mentions. Being oblivious of things that are not related to me is not the behavior of a genuine practitioner.

Master has mentioned the importance and uniqueness of the Minghui website in his Fa lectures before. How we regard the Minghui website and how much we put our hearts into it is a real reflection of our true cultivation state. It is compulsory that we visit Minghui website. However, I spent 80 percent of my time focusing on national and world news and other information that had nothing to do with my cultivation. It is now time to let go of this curiosity.

Attitude about Projects That are Saving Sentient Beings and Validating the Fa

Every genuine Dafa practitioner has many inspiring and moving cultivation stories to tell covering the past 24 years. Every bit of it is admirable and valuable. Before I read Master’s articles, I indeed had the thought that I had contributed a great deal to Dafa. Now I know that I was showing off and seeking rewards. Master has arranged everything for us, including our surrounding environment. He has enlightened us about who will appear in our environment, the tools we need to save sentient beings, and everything we need to save sentient beings. We only need to take action. Why do we have to show off and be arrogant? Master could complete the Fa-rectification with a wave of his hand if he wished. If he wanted the people of the world to change their attitudes about Dafa, he could do it in an instant. So why did he put so much effort into arranging all these things for us to do? He wants to empower us so that we can save the sentient beings in the universe we represent.

What Master bears in this world is for us. We will never know how much Master has sacrificed for us and how much injury he has sustained to eliminate our karma. We practitioners should be more enlightened! What we are doing is what we should do. We shouldn’t have any show-off mentality or become complacent. We should always think of how to get rid of our attachments and how to save more sentient beings.

We should return to being humble and pure. We are still filled with arrogance and continue to be self-centered, even after we have cultivated for so many years. Without Master and the Fa, we and our sentient beings would have become just dust in the universe.

Do Not Become Affected by a Few People

As I have discussed, Master predicted “those few people” he mentioned in his articles. Gold will not be affected by sand. Master said:

“...if there really was only one person who succeeded in cultivation I would make him the cosmos.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World Volume III)

What Master wants are the qualities of pure righteousness and pure truthfulness, nothing fake. Our first priority is to cultivate ourselves well.

Regarding Genuine Cultivation

My personal understanding of genuine cultivation is to cultivate every thought and action. How many attachments are hidden in our everyday conversations? So many that we are unaware of.

Here is an example. My mother had a hearing problem due to her age. She didn’t hear even if I spoke loudly. My first reaction was impatience, so I shouted at her but didn’t get any closer to her. If I could suppress this demon nature and get next to her and say it again patiently, that would be genuine cultivation.

Every time I ate dumplings, I would indulge myself and pour lots of vinegar and chili oil on them. It became automatic and a habit.

I recently discovered that when I let go of a certain attachment, one that I was not able to let go of during the previous many years, I could study the Fa really well and understand the Fa meaning behind the words. It was no longer like before when I was not focused and regarded studying the Fa as a task. Master has said many times that we should improve our xinxing. When my xinxing improved, the Fa showed its meaning to me.

If any practitioner feels that she or he cannot really study the Fa or enlighten to anything, please think about it and see if there are bad attachments in your everyday habits. Please try to let one of them go, and you will feel the Fa come into your heart when you study the Fa. As you keep letting go of your attachments, you will see the deeper levels of the Fa manifest.

That is my recent enlightenment after studying Master’s recent articles. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)