(Minghui.org) The Stop Forced Organ Harvesting Poster Exhibition, organized by the Falun Dafa Association of Finland, was held in Hesperia Park in Helsinki for the first time during the annual Helsinki Festival on August 17, 2023.

Nine featured posters, selected from over 1,000 submissions from over 70 countries, exposed the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) atrocity of harvesting organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners. The exhibition also included photos of historical moments throughout Falun Dafa’s public introduction.

Anna Kokkonen, a Finnish singer, gave a performance at the event.

People at the Helsinki Festival visit the poster exhibition.

People sign the petition calling to stop the CCP’s atrocities.

Visitors to the poster exhibition were concerned about the CCP’s crime of organ harvesting. Many asked what they could do to help stop it.

Puskainen, a local resident, said that he heard about the CCP’s organ harvesting. “It’s hard for the Finnish to understand how such things have happened in China. Many don’t truly want to understand what the Chinese Communist Party is because of their concerns over economic interests or their business,” he said.

A Finnish man gave practitioners a thumb-up. He said that he had heard about the CCP’s crime against prisoners of conscience. Patting a practitioner’s shoulder, he said, “Strength to you! Power to you!”

Laura, a Helsinki airport employee, told a practitioner, “I’m sad to hear about the persecution! What you are doing to expose it is so important!” She signed the petition and thanked practitioners for the paper lotus flower they gave her.

Laura (right) supports practitioners’ activities.

A couple from Cuba were astonished to hear of the CCP’s atrocity of organ harvesting. The man said, “I’m from a country ruled by a dictatorship. I sympathize with the Chinese people.” They said the persecution would stop soon, and the evil crime would be punished.

A woman from Germany told practitioners about a news report describing how a Chinese man immigrated to Germany because he was opposed to the CCP’s human rights violations. She said that she had heard about the CCP’s organ harvesting. She signed the petition as soon as the practitioner mentioned it.

A Finnish woman and her two friends from the U.S. and Netherlands happened to pass by the poster exhibition. The woman said that organ harvesting from living people was horrible, but she wasn’t surprised that the CCP has committed such a crime. All three of them signed the petition and wished practitioners would get more signatures and public attention.

A local resident gave practitioners a thumb-up while saying, “Falun Dafa is great!”