(Minghui.org) The Czech Republic and Slovakia Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, on Sunday, August 6, 2023. Falun Dafa practitioners from several European countries were on hand for the grand occasion.

The conference was held in the Slovak and Czech languages, and simultaneous translation in Vietnamese was provided. Fourteen practitioners from Slovakia and the Czech Republic shared their cultivation experiences from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

They talked about how they looked within, changed their notions and removed attachments by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their respective environments and projects. They said their cultivation journeys showed how Falun Dafa benefits and elevates practitioners both physically and mentally.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Bratislava on Sunday, August 6, 2023.

Taking Gain and Loss Lightly While Applying to Work at a Media Company

Vladimir from Slovakia shared his experience of submitting his resume to a practitioner-run media company.

He said, “I received a recruitment email from a media company in the first half of 2018. I didn’t think about it much initially because I had a full-time job. I later realized that it was a good opportunity to be able to work for a company that clarifies the truth. It is also a huge honor. I immediately applied for a position.”

Vladimir resigned his job and prepared for his new job. However, unexpectedly his application wasn’t processed as quickly as he expected. A series of physical and mental tests ensued.

He said that he applied to the government for employment support, but he couldn’t get it because his name had been removed from the registry of the government office. So he had to pay for his social security and health insurance. He became frustrated. He began looking within and found that he had an attachment to gain and loss.

He thought, “Isn’t this a test for me? Should I only gain but not lose? Can I use the government’s assistance for my own benefit?” He understood that he shouldn’t use the government’s employment support, because he did not want to owe anything to the government. He calmly accepted the fact and paid his insurance fees.

Vladimir found a part-time job and worked 12 hours a day. It was tiring but he maintained his confidence, worked hard and continued seeking opportunities to work for the media company. When he was eventually contacted by the TV station, he felt that he truly obtained the position, because one can only be qualified for this job when one reaches a certain cultivation state.

Vladimir took this period of overcoming his physical and mental difficulties as an opportunity to temper himself. He discovered attachments that he hadn’t recognized before. He said this test allowed him to find his shortcomings in cultivation. When he finally let go of his attachment, he passed the test smoothly.

New Practitioner: Cultivation Experience While Preparing for College Entrance Examination

Barbora from Slovakia began practicing Falun Dafa three years ago. She talked about her experience while preparing for the college entrance examinations.

She used to look down on those students who studied for hours but still had poor grades, because she thought they were lazy or didn’t really put their hearts into it. Study for Barbora was easy. She became angry if she had to do more while other students in her group did less to complete their group assignments.

After she was put into a similar situation, she realized that she was wrong to look down on others. She said that she didn’t truly know what others were experiencing, so she was untruthful; she wasn’t kind because she didn’t understand and support others but instead criticized them; she was not tolerant because she thought that others made her do additional work.

Through reading the teachings Barbora realized that as a cultivator, no matter what other students do, she should be truthful, compassionate and tolerant, and be considerate of others.

She encountered a challenge while drawing a static picture. Her teacher said, “The angle you looked at it with was wrong. You need to look at it from a higher realm. If you put yourself in the right position, you can face it.”

Barbora thought it over, and said, “I understand that if I don’t want to face the challenge, the challenge will become bigger. But if I only want to do the right thing, endure what I should endure, what’s so hard about it? I believe that I can cultivate while studying and I can do well. When I no longer think the difficulty is bigger than myself, but focus on being diligent in cultivation, this thing is truly not so difficult.”

Barbora was finally admitted to the university that she wanted to attend. The way she handled challenges showed the power of doing the right thing to the people around her.

Identifying Shortcomings While Helping With Shen Yun

Gabi from the Czech Republic talked about how she coordinated the ironing and laundry team backstage during the Shen Yun shows.

Gabi said she observed how cohesive, pure, and cooperative the Shen Yun company artists are, and how they work as one team while she helped backstage during the shows. She said that the artists and staff demonstrated the deeper meaning of “pure land.” By observing them, she discovered many of her own shortcomings, such as being selfish, being greedy for small profits, and lacking willpower and vision.

Gabi said that her experience broadened her horizons and she understands that she must be more diligent in cultivation because time waits for no one.

Cultivating Oneself

Marianna from Slovakia noticed that she still had a communist way of thinking when she stayed in the United States for a few months. She gradually removed these thoughts and bad habits that were ingrained in her.

Slavka from Slovakia talked about her cultivation experience during a family ordeal. After she experienced a marriage crisis, she realized that she should cultivate herself well and let go of attachments. Amazingly, the entire situation changed for the better after she improved.

Many practitioners also talked about how they began practicing Falun Dafa and how cultivating in Dafa improved their lives. Some practitioners said that they got rid of ways of thinking that were acquired post-natally, fear of the unforeseen, and various addictions, and they are now willing to help others.