(Minghui.org) This morning, I put a secure smartphone device on a tripod to record myself sending forth righteous thoughts. Feeling confident that I was doing very well at sending forth righteous thoughts, I was shocked when I watched the video of myself.

The video revealed that both of my hand positions were lopsided. Often times, my hand and arm began to slowly lean to one side in less than a minute. While doing the lotus hand position, my fingers became limp and leaned inward. I looked like I was in a hypnotic state, but I did not feel that way at all.

My posture was much better the next time I recorded myself sending forth righteous thoughts, since I was more alert. However, when I was holding one palm erect, my hand slightly tilted over toward the end of the five minutes. When my hands were in the lotus hand position, my fingers were not completely correct.

I did not record myself when I sent righteous thoughts for the third time that day.

The fourth time I did record myself. I held my hands in the correct positions for the entire time. I appeared to be alert and have a clear mind.

I wanted to share my experience of observing my sending righteous thoughts by video recording myself to remind other practitioners that the quality of our sending forth righteous thoughts is critical.

Based on the Fa, Dafa practitioners send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces. It is a battle between good and evil in other dimensions. If our posture slackens because we cannot see the effects of our sending forth righteous thoughts or if we are interfered with by the evil, we would lose our battle. Over time, without realizing it, it could become a big loophole.

A few Fa study group leaders in our area could not keep their hand postures straight when sending righteous thoughts. This went on for a while. There was not much improvement, even though they attempted to correct each other.

I hope this article can alert other practitioners to check themselves to see how well they are sending forth righteous thoughts. Or they can regularly ask other practitioners for feedback, so their sending forth righteous thoughts can be truly effective.