(Minghui.org) Since Master published two new articles, “How Humankind Came To Be” (January 20) and “Why Save Sentient Beings” (April 17), the Minghui Editorial Board has received inquiries from practitioners in China every day. They mainly fall into three categories: 1) whether they should distribute the articles widely (with sustained disagreement on this topic); 2) some practitioners are carelessly distributing the articles everywhere without regard for how they are received; 3) the distribution is too slow if we talk to people individually and give them the articles in person.

Being careful about the distribution of Master’s articles is a compassionate, rational action of a cultivator. But the question is not as simple as whether or not we can distribute them; rather, Master has already made arrangements, and it’s up to us whether we can understand (enlighten to) and accept them.

As veteran practitioners, we all know that Master publishes new articles for specific reasons, mostly targeting issues in our cultivation that need to be resolved or things that have a certain degree of impact. The two above-mentioned articles were written for the world’s people, so they are meant to serve the needs of the salvation of the world’s people and the Fa-rectification’s transition into the human world.

The distribution of these two articles outside China has included only a small number of printed products. In most cases, they are left for people who have a predestined relationship to go to specific websites to read, watch, and listen. Practitioners inside China who want to distribute the articles to non-practitioners need to use their own discretion to distribute them well according to their own situations and local environments.

When we save people, we should focus on our effectiveness as the most important thing rather than our own likings, whether or not we have distributed something, or how many copies we give out. We can ask ourselves a few more questions. For example, if we distribute the articles everywhere without regard for how people receive them, while we may be able to give out a large number of copies, very few people may read or even see them, or they may casually throw them away without learning the content. Then would we be saving people or generating karma? If we don’t distribute them in China, will the people there lose an opportunity to know Dafa in a positive light? If we think it’s too slow to talk to people and distribute the articles in person, and we don’t feel satisfied, is that mentality truly rational and altruistic?

We all know that “cultivation depends on one’s own efforts while the transformation of gong is done by the master.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun) Understanding what cultivation is and how we should cultivate is a subject of long-term study, because once our cultivated side is separated, what remains is still our human side, which doesn’t know how to cultivate. That’s why we need to constantly study the Fa and assimilate to the Fa. On the issue of distributing Master’s new articles, practitioners in China not only need to follow Master’s arrangements but should also improve their xinxing and enlightenment quality (not through guessing or making assumptions) with the wisdom and guidance given by the Fa. Only when we calm down and seek answers from the Fa can we enlighten to the Dao little by little.

There is a large portion of practitioners who persist in Fa study and study a lot, but they haven’t truly put in the effort to improve their xinxing. But in Dafa cultivation, the key is to cultivate our hearts, as Dafa directly targets the human heart. We need to constantly improve our xinxing by comparing ourselves to Dafa’s standards, especially when we are in conflicts and tribulations or when our hearts are disturbed by something. We would truly improve our xinxing if we can calmly identify our shortcomings and overcome our notions by comparing ourselves against the Fa. When we know how to cultivate and constantly improve our xinxing, we will not be confused by various things, be at a loss for what to do, or follow other practitioners for guidance instead of following the Fa. It will also prevent us from becoming complacent, being led astray by our own attachments, or even going to the opposite side.

The Falun Dafa Association needs to be responsible and guide local practitioners to cultivate themselves well. While the persecution persists in China, practitioners there have no Dafa Associations or general coordinators appointed by Master, but the Fa-study groups and project teams practitioners have organized on their own also serve as their group cultivation environment. These settings can also be forged into environments in which practitioners value Fa study and xinxing cultivation. How much we can achieve in saving people reflects our own cultivation states to a great extent.

Minghui Editorial BoardJuly 3, 2023