(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners held a rally in the well-known Boston Common, located in the city center on July 15, 2023. They condemned the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong and called for an end to the 24-year-long atrocities. After being told about the persecution, people condemned it and expressed their support for Falun Gong practitioners. 

Group practice at Boston Common on July 15, 2023. 

Boston Common is the oldest urban park in the United States and the starting point of the famous Freedom Trail. It was crowded with people and tourists who went for a walk early in the morning. The practitioners wore bright yellow T-shirts which drew the attention of passersby. They stopped to listen to the practitioners’ speeches.

The practitioners who spoke condemned the persecution of Falun Gong in Chinese and English and exposed the CCP’s crimes of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. Some practitioners used their own experiences to demonstrate how practitioners stand firm in their belief and show great compassion and tolerance in the face of pressure. 

People are told about Falun Gong and condemn the persecution. 

The Whole World Should Hear about and Work Together to End the Persecution

Mlillian and Joey read the display boards. This is the first time Joey has heard about the persecution. He said he had a difficult time expressing his feelings, “I think this persecution is really terrible!” He said that freedom of belief is extremely important, which is also the foundation of the United States. He said, “Such a peaceful, non-violent group, just because you practice outside, could be persecuted and your organs harvested in China. It is unbelievably bad. I feel sad for them.”

Mlillian (right) and Joey support Falun Gong. 

He said that the persecution should be told so that the public will get to know it more widely. Millian agreed. She said that persecution should not be allowed to happen to this peaceful cultivation group. Millian said, “People should be allowed to practice freedom of belief and not be controlled by the Communist Party. More people should hear about this ongoing persecution. We should all come to support Falun Gong, as this is important. Although the censor comes from overseas, known as the international voice, we can pass on the message and let people pay attention.”

Nataly had already been told about the persecution in 2006, but she was surprised to hear that the persecution was still going on today. She said, “I hope the whole world can stop the persecution as one body. The United States can play an important role to ensure that the whole world knows. This persecution must be stopped.”