(Minghui.org) When the Chinese Communist Party launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, as well as subjecting practitioners to brutal torture and lengthy imprisonment, it also spread demonizing propaganda to turn the whole society against practitioners. 

Many people believed the propaganda, including practitioners’ close family members. They condemned Falun Gong and tried to pressure the practitioners to renounce their faith. By helping to persecute this ancient Buddha school spiritual practice, however, they brought misfortune on themselves as a result of karmic retribution.

In the stories shared by two practitioners below, their loved ones recovered from severe physical conditions after writing solemn statements expressing their regrets in supporting the CCP in its persecution.

86-year-old Mother’s COVID-19 Symptoms Disappear After Retracting Disrespectful Words about Falun Gong

During the COVID-19 outbreak early this year, my 86-year-old mother was infected. She suffered from severe dizziness, high blood pressure and vomiting. She threw up everything she ate and couldn’t keep any food down. 

I took her to a community clinic. The doctor prescribed an IV drip, which made her feel even worse. I took her home and gave her some milk, but as soon as she drank it, she threw it up. 

I felt really sorry to see my mother suffering. Then I suddenly remembered that she'd made some disrespectful comments about Falun Gong and its founder when I visited her not long ago. I had a feeling that her catching COVID-19 might have something to do with these comments. She'd seen all the benefits I’d received from practicing Falun Gong for so many years and I felt it was inappropriate for her to say negative things about it.

When I shared my thoughts with my mother, she initially denied that she had ever said anything bad. But when I explained that, since Falun Gong is a Buddha school spiritual discipline, slandering it is like blaspheming the divine, she admitted she had made bad comments. She agreed that she shouldn’t side with the Communist Party in the persecution and wrote a solemn statement about it. 

Miraculously, she felt better when she woke up in the middle of the night. She drank some milk and didn’t throw up. When she got up the next morning, she was able to eat breakfast and make her bed, without feeling sick. It was amazing to see her recovering so fast! I know that Master helped her.

My Nephew’s Paralysis Disappears

My nephew was our village’s security officer. He actively participated in the persecution and often tore down the information posters about Falun Gong that we put up around the village. I tried many times to persuade him not to follow the communist regime in the persecution, but he refused to listen. Sometimes he even directed the police to ransack local practitioners’ homes.

Not long ago, he fell sick and had trouble moving his neck and hands. He said half of his body was numb. It was as if his body was frozen in the posture when he tore down the posters. I told him I believed the problem with his hands was karmic retribution from tearing down Falun Gong posters. This time, he was receptive and agreed to write a solemn statement about it. 

It was very difficult for him to hold a pen and write. It took him more than half an hour to write a few sentences. But as he was writing, he started regaining some mobility in his hand. When he had finished writing the statement, I told him more about Falun Gong and urged him not to participate in the persecution any more. Moments later, he was able to move his neck and hand freely. He was amazed at his changes.

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