(Minghui.org) The morning after I had posted stickers explaining the facts about Falun Dafa in my neighborhood, people from the Domestic Security Bureau came to my home. They confiscated my Falun Dafa books, Master Li’s lecture CDs, photos of Master Li, Minghui Weekly magazines, and truth-clarification paintings. My husband, who is not a practitioner, later told me they took over 300 books.

The Domestic Security officer told me to go to the police station. When I got there, I refused to sign anything or cooperate with them in any way, so they called my husband. He and my son came to the station. The police wanted to use my family to coerce me into signing a document stating that I would stop practicing Falun Dafa, but I still refused to sign anything. Eventually, we were told to go home. After we got in the car, my husband said that he had signed a document, but it was not about practicing Dafa or my being released on bail.

Six months later, they called my husband and said they wanted me to go to the police station. I didn’t want my husband to go with me, but he insisted. I went to the station and talked with the officers about Falun Dafa. The Domestic Security personnel asked me if I had publicized my case on a Dafa website. I openly said, “Yes. If you persecute me, I will expose you.” They knew that I wouldn’t sign anything, and they again asked my husband to sign a document saying that we had received a notice. He signed it, and then we went back home.

Not long after, the Domestic Security personnel sent me an arrest warrant. I did not acknowledge their harassment and continued to do what I should do. I was then notified to go to the local procuratorate. After discussing this with another practitioner, I decided to go there and tell them about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I also asked Master Li to help strengthen my righteous thoughts and give me wisdom.

The next day, my husband drove me to the procuratorate. I talked with the officers and refused to sign any documents. Even though I didn’t want my husband to sign, he eventually signed a paper that did not mention Falun Dafa cultivation.

Not long after that, I was notified to go to a procuratorate in a different city. My husband heard that they wanted to sentence me to three to seven years in prison. I refused to go. Domestic Security personnel then came to my home, and I still refused to go. One officer called a second police officer over, and they held my arms and took me downstairs. My husband said in the hallway, “I support her practicing Falun Dafa.” The police were afraid the neighbors would hear what we were saying. I asked them, “What are you afraid of?” I then told them the facts about Dafa to counter all the lies that were used in the propaganda to justify the persecution against the practice.

When we got out of the building, a thought came to my mind, “Those people do not know the truth, but they want to learn the truth.” I realized that Master was giving me a hint.

After arriving at the procuratorate in the other city, I told the staff members that, as Falun Dafa practitioners, we follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and try to become better people. I also told them how I benefited from practicing it. My husband chimed in that he supported me in practicing Dafa.

My husband was worried about me and repeatedly asked me to put on a down jacket. I really felt his kindness. A staff member asked me if I would sign the paperwork, and I said no. All the staff were moved by us, and when we were leaving, they came out with us to say goodbye.

When we got home, some local practitioners came to share their thoughts with me based on the Fa, which helped me a lot.

Afterwards, the local procuratorate called and asked me to go to sign some documents. I told them that I would not go there or sign anything. After the Lantern Festival, I received a letter from the procuratorate saying that the case against me had been withdrawn.

My husband later wrote a “solemn statement” nullifying all his previous signatures.

From this incident, I realized that everyone is here to validate Dafa and that we do not need to rely on lawyers. I understood from the Fa how to deal with the persecution. We must do well, expose the evil’s actions, and negate all the arrangements of the Old Forces and everything they try to impose on us. As long as we believe in Master Li and the Fa, there will be no tribulation we cannot overcome.

With Master’s compassionate protection and fellow practitioners’ selfless help, I was able to get through these incidents. During this process, I was able to eliminate many attachments, such as fear and sentimentality. In thinking back, when our righteous thoughts are strong, fear is like a small dust particle—easily blown away.

After these experiences, I became more rational and clear-headed. I no longer held any resentment against the Domestic Security personnel. My compassion came out, and I wanted them to know the facts about Dafa.

Thank you, compassionate Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your selfless dedication and help!