(Minghui.org) Everyone knows the story of “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” but few people know about “The Wolf Who Planted Grass.”

It is said that after the cunning wolf arrived in the East from the West, he knew that pretending to be a sheep would no longer work, so he changed tactics.

The wolf found a loudspeaker and kept shouting to the sheep, “I planted all the grass that you eat, so you should thank me.” The shepherd paid no attention to the wolf’s lies, but some sheep were really taken in by what the wolf said and believed it fed them, so they started to cluster around the wolf. Not only that, these gullible sheep even praised the wolf for being “kind.”

As time went on, more sheep sided with the wolf, thinking it would give them a sense of security and help them survive.

The wolf was wild with joy, thinking that it no longer had to go to great lengths to hunt down its natural prey, because all the sheep that gathered around it agreed to “dedicate their lives to the wolf.” Growing up next to the wolf, some sheep were influenced by the “wolf culture” and started to become brutal. They learned how to fight and kill and joined the “wolf gang.”

The sheep that followed these “grass planting” wolves were trained to follow orders and be subordinate, and so, sooner or later, the wolves would eat them.

Wolves are carnivores—that is simply their nature and is not subject to change. So of course they will, sooner or later, eat the sheep. The grass that the vegetarian sheep eat to live, on the other hand, grows naturally, a gift from heaven.

By now you must realize I am talking about the Chinese Communist Party that really did come from the West. It is the evil specter that Marx wrote about in the Communist Manifesto, and it is infinitely crueler than wolves.

What would a kingdom ruled by the evil specter look like? One can only imagine.