(Minghui.org) I came across a teacher in China on social media. She told me about the horrific experience and the coercive brainwashing she suffered at the hands of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The mental torment she suffered was so devastating that I couldn’t help but cry. 

The teacher, Ling (alias), was born in 1947. As an aspiring youngster deeply indoctrinated by the communist ideology, she wanted to make contributions to the country and serve the CCP wholeheartedly. At the age of 16, she dropped out of school and went to Xinjiang, with a dream to help build the Tarim Basin in southern Xinjiang into a second Shanghai. Due to her hard work, Ling was praised as a “Model Worker” in 1965. But what happened the next year became a turning point for her.

The year 1966 marked the onset of the dark period of the “Cultural Revolution” launched by Mao Zedong (the then chairman of the CCP), which quickly spread throughout China. The Red Guards in middle schools and higher education institutions were the main force that carried out a destructive movement to eradicate the so-called “Old Ideas, Old Culture, Old Customs, and Old Habits,” which completely destroyed China’s traditional culture and values. 

Anyone who was deemed an enemy of the Party by the Red Guards were brutalized or even killed. Even women or young girls wearing long hair were targeted. Some places even set up braid-cutting spots on the streets to forcibly cut off the long braids of young girls passing by, and some had their long hair forcibly cut short by the Red Guards, to make them look more “revolutionary.”

Ling was working in the administration of the farm in Tarim Basin at that time. “Suddenly, there came a perverse trend – a woman would not be considered as a revolutionary if she was wearing long braids,” she told me, “Almost every one followed the trend and had their braids cut off. I thought it was ridiculous and didn’t take any notice of what was going on.

However, a few days later, a group of burly men accosted me. They tied me up tightly and dragged me onto a truck. I was put in detention straight away and monitored 24 hours a day,” she told me. What followed was a large-scale struggle session against Ling, at which she was forced to wear a tall hat (humiliating paper hats for the targeted to wear at a criticism meeting) and a heavy signboard around her neck. Later, her neck was so painful that she could not lower her head for a long time. 

Years later, when she went to a hospital for a checkup, she was found to be suffering from a cervical fracture, most likely caused by the heavy signboard that was hung around her neck at those long, painful and humiliating criticism meetings. 

One day, the workers’ propaganda team gathered the entire company workers and announced that Ling was sentenced to 15 years in jail! She was also accused of being an “international spy.” 

“I was totally baffled and couldn’t figure out why I was sentenced to prison. However, nothing happened as the days went by. It turned out that the entire system of the public security, the procuratorate and the courts had become paralyzed due to the ‘Cultural Revolution,’ and the workers’ propaganda team also withdrew upon orders from above. The sentence I was given ended up with nothing definite,” Ling told me. 

The entire country went crazy about being red under the leadership of Mao at that time, and everyone (except for those labeled as enemies) was wearing a badge of Mao on their chest. Even though she was persecuted for doing nothing wrong, she still believed in Mao and communism due to deep-rooted brainwashing since childhood and felt rather upset for being cast out and unable to wear a badge of Mao. 

I was heartbroken while listening to what she had been through in those years. The CCP is extremely evil, cruel and deceptive. The Chinese people are so deeply and deceptively brainwashed that even when they are persecuted and exploited, they still hope to make contributions to the country and be loyal to the CCP. It’s so horrible! The CCP is utterly evil!

Later, when Ling came across Falun Dafa practitioners and learned the facts about the CCP and Falun Dafa, she felt she woke up from the nightmare under the CCP. She was keen to learn more about Falun Dafa and reconnect herself with the real Chinese culture and values.

We continued to communicate online and I sent her some materials to read. Ling treasures Zhuan Falun (the main teaching of Falun Dafa) so much that she took pictures of every page of the book, as she struggled to download the file. After I learned about it, I taught her how to get an electronic copy of the book online. She was so happy!

Ling finished reading the book very quickly. I told her that Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) told us to study the teaching often and study it well. “I understand,” she said, “I will keep studying the Fa and read the book twice, three times…” While studying the Fa, Ling went through a karma elimination process. She had a fever and her whole body ached. I shared with her that our illness and misfortune was repaying our past wrongdoings. I also told her that after we take up Falun Dafa, Master Li will purify our bodies, which may feel as if we are sick. I further clarified the truth to her about Falun Dafa and the persecution. 

After Ling gained a better understanding about the principles of the Fa, her fever disappeared quickly. She felt refreshed and very comfortable as her body was purified.

Ling also asked me about issues of eating raw food, taking supplements, etc. I shared with her my understandings and Master’s teachings about it. After she understood the issues based on the Fa, she became more determined to cultivate in Dafa.

Ling was thrilled after she learned the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises. Her body felt light and comfortable all over. “I felt strong energy in and around my body,” Ling told me excitedly. I shared with her more about Falun Dafa being a righteous cultivation practice and cultivating our xinxing (character) is most important. We don’t pursue any physical feelings we may experience as the cultivation of our xinxing is what we focus on, and we must study the Fa every day. We will gain what we deserve without pursuing it.

Ling has since made rapid progress. She studies the Fa diligently every day and has become more confident with doing the exercises. She also introduced Falun Dafa to her husband and younger sister, who are both practicing cultivation in Dafa now and enjoying the benefits. 

She told me that she now has a much clearer understanding about the evil nature of the CCP, and feels very sad for her fellow countrymen who have not yet awakened. “I will keep cultivating in Dafa and always look within when encountering conflicts,” Ling said to me sincerely. Ling told me that she is now teaching vocal music in the community and would find opportunities to help more people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.