(Minghui.org) Master’s new article “Why Save Sentient Beings” was published on Minghui.org on April 17, 2023. With respect and anticipation, I read the new article. I felt that Master’s compassion had once again purified my heart. The resentment I had towards those who persecuted us was gone. What remains is boundless gratitude towards Master.

Recently, the secretary of our local Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC) signed a document with specific instructions to persecute Dafa disciples. When we heard the news, we immediately wrote letters to him and other village officials, urging them to stop the persecution. 

We did our best with writing and distributing the letter. However, two weeks later, the PLAC issued another document with more specific details of the persecution, and it was signed by three people: the secretary of the county Party committee, the PLAC secretary, and the director of the police department. We were stunned and wondered what we did wrong.

A few days later, the police began to harass other practitioners with phone calls. We wrote a short article intending to expose the head of the Domestic Security Office for participating in the persecution. But fellow practitioners felt the tone of the article was too serious and didn’t have the compassion to move the police head, so we gave up the plan to distribute the article among locals.

After reading Master’s new article, the resentment and hatred in my heart faded away. My heart was instantly much lighter, and I felt that the substance of fear in the deeper layers of my body was cleansed at the same time. Immersed in Master’s compassion, I felt sorry for the inadequacy of my cultivation and wanted to cry.

Master said:

“Why does the Creator wish to save sentient beings? Because He loves all beings! Because He’s the one who has given life to all sentient beings.”“When the cosmic realm came to the end times in the process of formation, stability, degeneration, and destruction, the Creator used 200 million years to create the Three Realms and arranged various forms and opportunities for sentient beings to be saved, while laying the foundation for human culture, thought, and conduct. He also used His divine body to resolve and eliminate the sins and karma of all beings! To save sentient beings, He has given all He has.” (“Why Save Sentient Beings”)

After studying Master’s Fa, I re-examined my attitude toward all beings and saw where I was lacking in my cultivation.

I know that all living beings, including those who do evil, were once all members of Master’s family, but sometimes the human heart still gets the best of me. While I know that practitioners should not have hatred, I still want the perpetrators to be punished and reckoned with. 

Today, Master reminds us once again that He loves everyone in the world, including those who persecute us. In order to save them, Master has given everything he has. 

As disciples, we can only follow Master’s will to save people and we should not hate them. Our failure to save them is because we didn’t reach the standard in our cultivation. We should love those whom Master loves and do our best to save them.