(Minghui.org) I’m a young Falun Dafa practitioner and have clearly sensed that the Fa-rectification of the world is imminent. During this critical period, I would like to share what I’ve come to understand.

My father, also a practitioner, and I did not live together, so we studied the Fa separately. However, due to the pandemic this past year, we stayed at home and were able to study together. We studied for an hour every night, then did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. Our cultivation states during that time were very pure, as if we had returned to the cultivation states we had before 1999.

As we continued to study the Fa every night, we had the sense that Master Li was lecturing in front of us, and the Fa revealed principles that I needed to understand. Every time we shared our understandings, they were very similar. I experienced the feeling of mutual improvement for the first time.

The Importance of Group Fa-study

Practitioners need to pay attention to the importance of group Fa-study, especially a practitioner like me who did not have a chance to participate in group study before. While considering safety, we should still try our best to read with other practitioners.

Only by making sure to study the Fa every day can we keep up with the pace of Fa-rectification. My father and I recently started studying Master’s lectures from before 1999. What the Fa hinted to me was what we needed to do now. I could truly feel the progress of Fa-rectification, the changes in sentient beings, and the coming changes in the world. No matter how busy we are, we must calm down and study the Fa. Regardless of which part we study or how much we study, the Fa will show us what we need to do.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

From the start of the year to now, my father and I have periodically experienced physical discomfort and fatigue, which were effectively eliminated by sending forth righteous thoughts, studying the Fa, and doing the exercises. But the same symptoms often recurred a few days later.

My righteous thoughts were not strong in the past, and I was lazy. Last Chinese New Year’s eve, I began to feel uncomfortable. My whole body hurt that night, and my mind was full of negative thoughts. My father got me up, and we sent forth righteous thoughts for a while.

I was a lot better the next morning, feeling refreshed. I knew that Master had cleansed my body. There were many people to interact with during the Chinese New Year, but I wanted to keep up with sending forth righteous thoughts. However, I was a little lax in my cultivation. So when I tried to send righteous thoughts, various messages from other dimensions reflected in my mind, and I couldn’t suppress them. At noon, I was not sleepy, but I still wanted to rest.

That evening, my father was doing the sitting meditation alone in the bedroom, so I hurried to start studying the Fa on my own. I opened Hong Yin Vol. II, read the three poems, “Expedition,” “A Diamond Will,” and “Fa Rectifies Everything.”

After studying these poems, I could feel Master’s blessing but thought that I was not worthy of being his disciple. I should be indestructible and invincible! A practitioner who is assimilated to Dafa should display the incomparably powerful side of the Buddha Fa’s supernatural powers when facing interference. If I allowed myself to be suppressed by evil factors and was unable to eliminate them, it was really an insult to my identity as a Dafa disciple.

I told my father about taking a nap. He said the reason was due to my notion that people need a nap at noon. I often used human notions as excuses to relax. How could a Dafa practitioner be bound by human habits and notions?! I should send forth righteous thoughts frequently and truly unleash the supernatural power of Dafa.

Spreading Dafa to My Family Members

My family witnessed the persecution of Dafa practitioners, and had become friends with many of them. At that time, I didn’t know anything about Dafa, but my family knew that Dafa was good. However, due to the old forces interference, my family has not entered into Dafa cultivation.

I had a completely different outlook at home before I became a practitioner, and was hardly willing to talk to anyone. After I started practicing, I took the initiative to cook for and communicate with my family members. When my family said that I was not doing well in some areas, I accepted their words humbly and corrected myself. They were surprised when they saw that I had changed so much.

I didn’t know as many practitioners as my uncle knew, but he used to misunderstand Dafa. However, Master arranged an opportunity for me to talk with him. My uncle told me many things he learned from observing practitioners over the previous ten years. I didn’t want to hear him talk negatively about practitioners and tried to defend their actions. I thought I was doing the right thing, and that it was my uncle who had a problem.

Since I changed my mindset, I listened to my uncle with an open mind. I didn’t have anything particular to say and just stated my point of view openly. At the same time, I reflected on my own problems. He opened up to me and said, “It is obvious that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) slanders Dafa. But what really makes people not understand Dafa is the way some practitioners act. After learning Dafa, it’s fine as long as you’re a little better than ordinary people. It is good enough for everyone to see that Dafa is good.”

From then on, I didn’t say anything at too high a level. I simply talked about things at his level of understanding and the Fa principles of “being a good person.” At the same time, I changed my mentality of thinking that I was better than ordinary people and became much more modest.

I liked to speak from a moral high ground. That was why my uncle told me that he found problems with some practitioners who spoke very well, but their actions were completely different from what they said. I was aware of it too and no longer deliberately whitewashed the things I didn’t do well.

When I talked about the Fa, I did so from the same level of understanding as the person I was talking to, and tried to avoid saying persuasive words that were not effective. When facing someone like my uncle who knows me well, I say less and do more, because people look not only at what Dafa practitioners say, but also at whether their words and deeds are consistent.

My uncle’s misunderstandings were gradually dispelled in the process of talking with me. I felt that Master was taking care of him. Whenever my uncle talked about some of the Fa principles he enlightened to, I shared my thoughts with him. Even if I don’t speak, by just sitting there I can still emit a pure energy field. So to keep this cultivation state, I need to study the Fa every day to maintain my righteous thoughts and remain diligent in cultivation.

I’ve sometimes been a little slack and could not fully exert the power of Dafa. I feel like a vessel. When I’m free of strong human notions, Dafa can be shown to the world through me. This feeling is really wonderful. At that moment, I feel no pressure because I know that Dafa can harmonize everything. Although I successfully suppress some factors that hinder Dafa, the actual work is all done by Master.