(Minghui.org) My family lives in a village. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Dafa, I was imprisoned for nine years because I practiced Dafa. During those dark times, relatives and fellow villagers were frightened and avoided having anything to do with my family. We were also penniless.

Assistance from Fellow Practitioners

I had many health problems when I was in my 30s and could hardly take care of myself. Because my family were farmers, we were not well off. Fortunately, a friend introduced me to Falun Dafa in 1996. After practicing for a week, my hard-to-treat ailments disappeared.

No words can express my gratitude to Master Li (Dafa’s founder). Falun Dafa changed me from a selfish, hot-tempered person into one who takes personal benefits lightly and is considerate of others. Everyone in my family from my in-laws, parents, husband, children, and siblings benefited from my practice. I was happy.

In July 1999, the CCP launched its persecution campaign and I was sentenced to nine years in prison. My husband kept the family going, despite great hardship. To make sure I was safe in prison, regardless of whether he was allowed to see me or not, my husband never missed the time for family visits. For nine years, the costs incurred due to his frequent travel between home and prison were a huge burden for farmers like us. On top of that, my husband had to pay for our two children’s education. He ended up incurring huge debts. My daughter was forced to quit school at an early age and it became a lifetime regret for her.

In those dark days, relatives and neighbors avoided our family for fear of being implicated. Yet, fellow practitioners were not afraid. For nine years, they tried their best to help us. Not only practitioners in my village and the neighboring village came to help my husband, but practitioners from nearly the entire county also helped us. Everyone helped to harvest the corn we grew, loaded it onto a truck and transported it to our home.

Practitioners who could not come during the day came at night and helped my husband shuck the corn. Practitioners also helped my husband harvest cotton. The crop brought farmers a lot of money in those days but it was a laborious task to pick it.

The practitioners went straight to the fields to work in the hot summer, and did not even step into my house. Most of the time, they did not even tell my husband. A few practitioners even gave us money. My husband noted every bit of money he received so that we could pay them back. My neighbors envied us for having such great friends. Through their actions, practitioners showed them how amazing Falun Dafa is.

Whenever I recall those times, I am full of gratitude for Master’s compassionate salvation and the practitioners’ selfless help.

Master Has Arranged Everything

My son was already in his late 20s by the time I was released from prison. We had nothing except for some old houses. Relatives and friends told us, “You held your son back from marriage because you practice Dafa. You are so poor and don’t have a decent house, who would let their daughter marry your son? You say Falun Dafa is good, yet if you did not spend these years in jail, you could have built a nice house and got yourself a daughter-in-law and grandchildren by now.”

I did not say anything but in my heart, I was sure Master made the best arrangement. Since I could not change the minds of my friends, neighbors and relatives, I decided to build a house. Just when I needed the money, someone offered to buy our fields to build a factory. We took the opportunity to sell our land. My neighbor wanted to sell their land too, but up until now no one has made an offer.

With the money from the sale of our land, we demolished our old house and built a modern new house. My son soon got married. We renovated the house and bought a car without needing to borrow any money. We still had money left. It turns out Master arranged everything for me. As long as we have faith, nothing was held up. Now we have everything one could want in life.

My entire family began practicing Falun Dafa. Naturally, my son wanted a wife who practices. A practitioner’s daughter who practices Dafa was the same age as my son. The girl wanted to marry into a family who are practitioners as well. Therefore, they decided to get married. My daughter-in-law is virtuous, smart, and thoughtful. She did not mind my family’s economic situation.

Because I wasted a lot of precious time in prison, everyone in my family told me not to go out to work and use all my time to do the three things. After my granddaughter was born, my daughter-in-law’s mother often offered to look after the child without any complaints.

My daughter-in-law is considerate of me as well. If I took care of my granddaughter during the day, she looked after the child at night. The child did not like to sleep early and it was very tiring for the adults. My daughter-in-law insisted on looking after her daughter so that I can have a good rest.

Master Gave Me a Good Daughter-In-Law

Practitioners who visited me praised my daughter-in-law and said, “Master has given your family a lovely daughter-in-law! She has a good temperament and makes everyone feel at ease.”

Ever since my daughter-in-law moved into our family, she handled everything at home, big or small, with the attitude of a practitioner. She goes out to work and after work, she helps me cook. She’s not like young people nowadays who wait for their mother-in-law to serve them dinner. She is not picky about the food we cook and eats everything. My son and daughter-in-law saw that my husband and I were frugal, so they often buy us special food and other items. Sometimes they take us out to eat. My daughter-in-law gave us money from time to time. When we refuse to take it, she says, “Use it to produce materials to save people.”

When relatives come to see us, my daughter-in-law always greets them with a smile and chats with them using the opportunity to explain the facts on Dafa to them. My relatives have daughter-in-laws as well. When people come to visit, they just greet the visitors before going back to their rooms. All my relatives say, “None of our daughters-in-law are as kind as yours. She is kind, polite and understanding.”

My sister said, “It is too late for me now. In my next life, I must look for a daughter-in-law who practices Falun Dafa. I look forward to being treated well.” Another sister said, “Let’s practice Falun Dafa too and get a virtuous daughter-in-law who won’t make us angry.”

A Party official who lives nearby used to persecute Falun Dafa. He often came to my house to harass us. Now, whenever he sees me, he says, “You are truly lucky!” I asked, “Why?” He replied, “You have got a great daughter-in-law! She is kind. Every time she sees elderly people on the streets, she greets them. If she is on a bicycle, she stops and talks to us. Young people are not like that nowadays. Who cares about elderly men and women? Everyone in the village thinks highly of her!”

My daughter-in-law works as an accountant in a company. She is a diligent and an honest worker and never keeps false records or accepts bribes. Her boss trusts her. One time, Chinese New Year was approaching and due to a mistake, employees did not receive their wages. My daughter-in-law solved the problem and everyone received their pay in time. The employees were grateful and tried to give my daughter-in-law a red envelope (money) to thank her, but she did not take it.

Unexpectedly, my daughter-in-law was pregnant with a second child when she was 39. Women usually undergo a lot of tests during pregnancy. However, the doctor only found out my daughter-in-law had not done a single test when she went to the hospital to give birth. He reprimanded my son and said he was an irresponsible husband and father. My daughter-in-law smiled and said, “I don’t need any check ups. I know I am fine.”

Due to my daughter-in-law’s age, the doctor wanted her to deliver her baby through surgery (Cesarean Section). After discussing it with my son, she decided to go for natural birth. Before she gave birth, the doctor was sure my daughter-in-law was anemic and wanted to give her an injection as well as medication. She smiled and said. “I am not anemic. My body does not lack anything.” The doctor said, “You must take a blood test or I cannot let you go for natural birth.” To reassure the doctor, my daughter-in-law took a blood test and indeed she was normal. Her mother also hoped that her daughter could give birth naturally and said, “We have Master taking care of us, we believe in our Master!”

Because the baby’s umbilical cord was around its neck and my daughter was considered an advanced-age pregnant woman, the doctor was afraid of complications and listed many possible scenarios. He got my son to sign documents to take responsibility should anything happen. The doctor said, “I am not leaving today. She is so disobedient. Before I finish my shift, I want to make sure she has given birth or I will insist on surgery.” In the end, my grandson was smoothly delivered at 8 p.m.

I heard doctors and nurses talking about my daughter-in-law, “This woman is stubborn! Her sister said she practices Falun Dafa. It goes to show how strong her conviction is, this is a matter of life and death!” I believe that through this incident, these doctors and nurses observed how extraordinary Falun Dafa is. The next morning, the doctor told my daughter-in-law, “Everything is normal for you! There is nothing wrong with you at all!” We all had a good laugh.

Now, 99% of newborn babies have jaundice. My grandson is one of the one percent who did not have it. The moment my grandson was brought into the hospital room, we played Master’s taped lecture for him. The day after she gave birth, my daughter-in-law got out of bed and did the standing exercises with us. She also sent righteous thoughts and studied the Fa teachings. Other people did all kinds of checkups before leaving the hospital but we opted out of them.

My daughter-in-law’s mother offered to look after the baby so that I can take a rest. She hoped that I would rest more and I wished she would rest more. Both of us think of each other and respect one another.

If not for Master, I would not have lived till today and have a wonderful, complete family. I thank Master for giving us the best arrangement.

Wedding Planner’s Words

When we prepared for my son’s wedding, many relatives came to help and celebrate the occasion. Practitioners who learned of the good news came to help too. Before the event, the wedding organizer discussed the arrangements with us, “Your people (referring to fellow practitioners), how many tables should we set aside for them?” I said, “We don’t have to count them. They only came to help and won’t eat anything. They don’t want to be in the banquet.”

The organizer said, “That won’t do! When you were in prison, these people helped you a lot. They are the ones who should be treated as VIPs!” I said, “Indeed, it is true. However, if I offer them seats at the banquet, they will refuse. They sincerely just want to help me.” The organizer was touched, “Practitioners are such wonderful people!”

Thank you, Master, and fellow practitioners!

(Selected Submission Celebrating the 24th World Falun Dafa Day on the Minghui website)