(Minghui.org) Ms. Yang Chunrong, a 38-year-old Chongqing resident, suffered all kinds of ailments from head to toe in her 20s. She tried all kinds of treatments, but none had any effect. In August 2012, she learned about the Chinese Communist Party’s ruthless persecution of Falun Gong and realized that she had been deceived by the communist regime into harboring hatred toward this ancient mind/body practice. She read Falun Gong books and was drawn to the profound teachings. She took up Falun Gong and was surprised to see her health quickly improve. 

Ms. Yang and three other practitioners, including Ms. Zhu Zonglan, around 40, Ms. Zhu Meiying, 51 and Ms. Ye Wenxiu, 76, were arrested on April 22, 2021, while they were studying Falun Gong teachings together. The police ransacked their residences and confiscated their Falun Gong related items and some cash.

The four practitioners were held in the Banan District Detention Center. Although Ms. Ye was released, she was arrested again later on and given an unknown prison sentence at the Chongqing Women’s Prison. 

Ms. Yang and Ms. Zhu Zonglan stood trial at the Jiulongpo District Court on October 24, 2022. The prosecutor cited evidence fabricated by the police, accusing Ms. Yang of possessing over 10,000 copies of Falun Gong materials. The police-provided evidence also included audio recordings of her young child being forced to read slanderous lies about her. 

Ms. Yang was recently sentenced to six years and nine months and Ms. Zhu Zonglan was given four years. 

It is unknown whether Ms. Zhu Meiying was subjected to prosecution.