(Minghui.org) I’ve recently read several sharing articles about the use of cellphones, and would like to share how I handle mine, especially the special attention I paid to avoid becoming addicted to online shopping using my phone.

Nowadays in China, from big cities to small villages, online shopping has become essential for many people. A friend of mine gets several packages every day. It is very convenient for them to place orders using different apps on their phones, and they have all grown used to it. So for me, the first thing I didn’t want to do was get addicted to shopping online using my cellphone.

I also think that people need to meet and communicate with each other in person. As Dafa disciples, we should go out more and interact with more people. This is a major way to clarify the truth to people. And using cash with information about Dafa printed on the bills is another way we can raise awareness of the persecution. If everything goes digital, we will lose our truth-clarification environment.

Many shopping apps, even if they don’t use the communist regime’s spyware, collect and track everyone’s personal information. So I don’t install any app on my phone unless it’s necessary for my everyday job. If I need to purchase something not available in the store, I ask my family to help me buy it or access the online store from my computer instead of my phone. I close the computer as soon as I finish the purchase because I don’t waste my time on the computer either.

I purchased a membership to a store not long ago. Every time I bought things after that, I calculated how much money I had saved. After a while, I felt that something wasn’t right. When did I begin caring so much for petty gains? And it wasted so much of my time and energy! So I canceled my membership and did things like I used to.

In addition to the issue of online shopping, I also avoid using my cellphone if I don’t have to. As soon as I get home, I put my cellphone away. I never take the phone into my bedroom so I won’t use it before I go to bed. I tell my children to do the same and I put away their cellphones after they finish using them.

This is how I use my cellphone. I refuse to let it control my life or interfere with my cultivation. We Dafa disciples have a historic mission—we absolutely cannot become attached to cellphones and get sidetracked, thereby causing trouble for ourselves. We should focus on studying the Fa well and saving more people.

This is my understanding at my level. Please point out anything not in line with the Fa.