(Minghui.org) By following the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Falun Dafa practitioners gain healthy minds and bodies, and elevate their morals. Many people who believe in the goodness of Dafa are blessed after reciting the auspicious phrases, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” including my closest relatives, my mother-in-law and my father, who both recovered from cancer.

My Mother-in-law’s Remarkable Recovery from Esophageal Cancer

Many years ago, my mother-in-law began to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, eventually losing her ability to walk. After years of relying on drugs, she became severely overweight. She was in critical condition and hospitalized several times. Eight years ago she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer when she was in her 60s. Due to her fragile health, her doctor decided to stop the treatment. She was sent home with a feeding tube.

My wife and I brought her mother to our home and cared for her. My wife prepared porridge and other liquid foods several times a day. She applied medicine around the exposed stomach tube to prevent infection. I assisted with many daily routines, including providing water for washing, serving meals, clipping her deformed fingernails and toenails, and carrying her in and out of the bathroom. I occasionally carried her downstairs on my back, and pushed her in the wheelchair for a stroll on the street.

There’s a Chinese saying, “There are no filial children for a long-term ailing parent.” As time passed, my wife became impatient and often showed a long face in front of her mother. However, as a Falun Dafa practitioner, I reminded myself to remain patient and be kind to her. I later became her main caregiver.

In 1998, I began to practice Falun Dafa. Master purified my body and the nose bleeds that troubled me since childhood were completely gone, along with a few other issues. More importantly, I found the true meaning of life, and my life has been fuller and more meaningful since then. My mother-in-law, however, foresaw that the communist regime would suppress Falun Dafa and decided not to practice.

The persecution did happen and the communist regime spread hateful propaganda to smear Falun Dafa. While taking care of my mother-in-law, I shared with her the beauty of Dafa, including how it spread around the world, despite the communist regime’s propaganda and slander. I told her stories of people who were blessed by sincerely reciting the auspicious phrases, and recommended that she try this. Seeing how I cared for her, she agreed, and said she embraced Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Gradually, her condition began to improve. One day, she tried a freshly cooked steam bun and surprisingly consumed it all without any trouble. She easily drank water as well. She soon could eat regular meals. When she returned to the hospital to have the tube removed, her doctor didn’t recognize her. Even my brother-in-law was skeptical and questioned the doctor about the accuracy of the initial diagnosis, only to be firmly assured that the diagnosis was correct and his mother recovered. But the doctor said he was puzzled—how did she recover without receiving any treatment?

My Father’s Recovery from Leukemia

In the second half of 2021, my father, then 69 years old, experienced sudden and intense back pain. He was first treated for a herniated lumbar disc at the county hospital but his condition worsened. Then he went to a city hospital, where the orthopedic doctor diagnosed him with lumbar spine tuberculosis and admitted him for surgery. However, an abnormal blood test delayed the surgery for nearly a month, prompting further blood testing that revealed a shocking result—blood cancer (leukemia).

After the Chinese New Year in 2022, we took my father to Beijing to consult a blood specialist in a prominent hospital. He was tested again, and the diagnosis of mid to late-stage myeloma was confirmed. He was hospitalized and underwent two chemotherapy treatments. However, both treatments were unfortunately conducted without a crucial oral medication due to a misunderstanding. It was only during his third treatment at our local city hospital that this oversight was noticed.

I accompanied my father during his second chemotherapy treatment. I brought him a Falun Dafa keepsake, played Master’s audio lecture through headphones, and shared with him the stories of other individuals were blessed by reciting the auspicious words. He was inspired and diligently began reciting the phrases. Despite the missing medication which affected the efficacy of chemotherapy, his pain lessened and he was able to walk with the help of his walker.

My father continued with two more chemotherapy treatments in the city hospital with me by his side. I often reminded him to recite the auspicious words and to listen to the recordings of the Fa teachings. I also shared the beauty of Dafa with his hospital roommate, who suffered from the same disease, and we became friends.

My father’s health steadily improved and he realized that his recovery was not solely due to chemotherapy, especially since the initial two treatments did not include the missing key complementary drug. He decided to end the chemotherapy and checked out of the hospital the end of May last year. The director of the hematology department advised him to continue the treatments, and said there would continue to be problems with his blood production in the future.

He stopped all the medicines after returning home and his health has been great. He did not contract the virus during the COVID-19 pandemic. No longer confined to his bed, he now enjoys riding his electric scooter outdoors. Blessed by Falun Dafa, his smile has returned.