(Minghui.org) A young couple who rented a room in my stepson’s house often parked their electric motorcycle in my alley, which made it inconvenient for others to get in and out. I thought if I saw the tenants, I’d tell them to park their vehicle in front of my door, but I never ran into them, so I pushed their vehicle into their alley several times. 

Then, one day I saw water running out of my kitchen into the yard. After I opened the door, I saw that the kitchen was drenched with water. The faucet was on, the bottles and detergent on the windowsill had all fallen down, and the window screen was broken. I first thought it was caused by the wind, but it wasn’t windy. Then I noticed the screen was torn, and the seals were also yanked out. I realized it was the couple who did it; they had misunderstood me, and took revenge on me for moving their vehicle. 

I brought my daughter-in-law and granddaughter to see the scene. My daughter-in-law said she would check the surveillance camera, and if they were responsible, she would have them move out. But, the surveillance camera was not plugged in that day. I thought to myself that whatever happens to a cultivator is not accidental, and it is a good thing. So I said forget it, let’s not check it, but my daughter-in-law insisted on investigating, and if it was them, they had to move out. My granddaughter also said that the two of them quarreled a lot at night, and it affected her rest. I said, “Don’t investigate. The couple is still young, and it’s not easy for them to make a living. If you expose the matter and ask them to move out, they might retaliate again. Let’s take a step back and don’t mention it. Just pretend it never happened.”

I cleaned up the kitchen. The drawers of the cabinets were soaked with water and could not be closed. I replaced the screen with a new one, and it looked as if nothing happened. I thought about how to clarify the facts to the couple to save them, and turn a bad thing into a good thing.

One day when I was washing dishes, the young man rode the electric motorcycle out. He was a deliveryman. I said to him, “When you come back, you can park the vehicle in front of my door; don’t put it in the alley.” I also told him I moved his vehicle because there are several families who live in the back, and it’s inconvenient for them to get in and out of the narrow alley. But it’s wide in front of my door, so he can put it there. He happily agreed. He was in a hurry to leave, and I didn’t have time to clarify the truth to him, but it was a good start.

Master arranged for me to clarify the truth to the girl. One night it was drizzling as I rode my bike home, and I ran into the girl on the way. She works for a beverage vendor. I greeted her and asked her to get on my bike and I’d give her a ride home. On the way home, I told her the truth about Dafa, and she agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. I also told her to do good deeds and not to do bad deeds, and if she was in trouble, she could save her life by reciting, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” She happily agreed, and when she arrived home, she thanked me.

From this incident, I felt that through practicing Falun Dafa, I learned it is really good to be tolerant and to take a step back in a conflict. If I hadn’t tolerated it at that time, and if I went to confront them, they definitely would not have had a good reaction, and it might have even caused further trouble. I wouldn’t have been able to save them. I have a better understanding about why I have to look inward first, endure when things happen, be patient, and not try to prove who is right or wrong. I should follow Dafa’s requirements, take a step back, and cultivate a mind of forbearance that embraces broader horizons.

I am grateful to Master for arranging opportunities to improve my xinxing on my cultivation path, for teaching me to look within, and for giving me a ladder to heaven. Thank you, Master.