(Minghui.org) A new wave of respiratory illnesses among children in China has been on the rise since September 2023. My kindergartener son, after attending the October 1 National Day celebration and having a small Chinese Communist Party (CCP) red flag put on his face, began to experience fever in early October.

Both my husband and I took off work to take care of our son at home. On the sixth day, when his fever hadn’t subsided yet, my husband had to go back to work. He said before leaving, “Let us wait for another day. If our son is still like this, I will take him to the hospital tomorrow.”

After my husband left, I checked myself to see if I had done anything wrong. I have slacked off a little recently, and did not read and memorize Hong Yin (collection of poems from Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa) with my son. Remembering a picture posted by his teacher showing children with red flags on their faces, I asked my son, “Do you know why you got a fever?” he asked.

“I do not know,” he replied.

I explained to him that the CCP had harmed many people and destroyed traditional values. Because the regime had killed many people and made society corrupt, anyone associated with it might face consequences, including discomfort and illnesses. I then told him how to send forth righteous thoughts and clean up the vicious elements. He followed my advice and we sent forth righteous thoughts together. Then we studied the Falun Dafa teachings, did the exercises, and recited poems from Hong Yin. With help from Master Li, his fever was gone that night. He was fully recovered the next day and no longer needed to go to the hospital.

In the past few weeks, the new outbreak has spread throughout the country. The pediatric departments of most hospitals are overcrowded. I heard several children in this city have died from it, but the hospitals are covering them up, much like what they did during the COVID-19 pandemic. More students have been infected, including more than half of the students in my son’s class. But this time, my son wasn’t infected.

I believe my son is being protected by Falun Dafa's Master. My son is very supportive of my practicing Falun Dafa following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. In addition, he often joins me in studying the Falun Dafa teachings and going out to put up posters about Falun Dafa. As a result, he is a quick learner for almost everything. Sometimes, he could learn things himself instead of being taught by others. People around us often said my son is smart and he said it was because of wisdom obtained from Falun Dafa. With blessings from Falun Dafa, he remains healthy in the new round of infections and still goes to school as usual.

The CCP promotes hatred, brutality, and lies. This is also why it suppresses Falun Dafa and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Unfortunately, the regime has also poisoned children with these doctrines, making them victims in the epidemic. Fortunately, young Dafa practitioners have been protected by compassionate Dafa Master.

As epidemics threaten the world in one wave after another, we Dafa disciples should make the best use of time in clarifying the truth and helping saving people.

The above are my understandings. Please point out if anywhere is improper.