(Minghui.org) Ms. Jin Min, 56, a Jilin City, Jilin Province resident who was sentenced to six years for practicing Falun Gong was tortured so badly that she lost the ability to talk. She also developed various other medical conditions. When one of her sisters exposed her persecution on Minghui.org, the prison authorities revoked the sister’s visitation right.

Ms. Jin Min

Ms. Jin was arrested on September 11, 2020 for telling a taxi driver about the communist regime’s persecution of Falun Gong, a mind-body practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. She was sentenced to six years and taken to Division 8 of Jilin Province Women’s Prison on August 28, 2022. Her family was not allowed to visit her. When they were allowed to see her on March 22, 2023, they were heartbroken to see that she lost the ability to talk. They requested she be released on medical parole, but it was denied.

After the visit, Ms. Jin’s second sister submitted information about her persecution to Minghui.org. When the prison authorities found out, they banned the sister from visiting Ms. Jin. The sister could only accompany her father to the prison for monthly visitation. She had to wait outside while her father went inside to see her sister.

Latest Update on Ms. Jin’s Situation

Ms. Jin was watched around the clock and forced to sit on a small bench for hours every day. She developed a severe skin disease and her entire body itched. She was still unable to talk and later exhibited stroke symptoms and had difficulty walking.

In April 2023, captain Jiang Wei ordered Ms. Jin to open her mouth to see if she had indeed swallowed her pill instead of hiding it under her tongue. He stuck a small flashlight into her mouth and accused her of faking illnesses. He also verbally abused her.

In November 2023, the prison called Ms. Jin’s family and demanded money for her medical treatments. Her loved ones said they had no money and again requested she be released on medical parole. The prison rejected their request and claimed that they would simply treat her in prison if her family did not give them money to cover her medical expenses. It is unclear what treatments the prison planned to provide her.

First Visit in 2.5 Years

Ms. Jin’s father called the prison warden and Qian Wei (the head of Division 8) multiple times in early September 2022. He always heard the same automated message each time he called. The message said that Ms. Jin was being denied family visits and phone calls, and that anyone who aided her in contacting her family would be punished.

Ms. Jin’s second sister went to the prison around November 2022, but no one came to the gate. She was unable to deposit money into Ms. Jin’s commissary account or drop off clothing for her.

Around December 7 or 8, 2022, Gao Yang, deputy head of Division 8, called Ms. Jin’s niece and said that Ms. Jin suddenly lost the ability to talk. Gao asked about her medical history and said her family was now allowed to deposit money into her commissary account. Her niece deposited 500 yuan, but it is not clear whether Ms. Jin ever received the money. When the niece told Ms. Jin’s daughter about Gao’s call, she asked to visit her mother, but Gao refused on the grounds that the prison authorities needed to have a discussion among themselves first.

Ms. Jin’s daughter finally received a call from the prison in mid-March 2023 and was told they were allowed to visit her for the first time since she was arrested two and a half years ago.

Although Ms. Jin’s daughter, father, two sisters and brother all came to the prison on March 22, 2023, only her daughter, father and second sister were allowed into the visitation room. They were devastated to see a terrible-looking woman being brought into the room, who no longer had the ability to talk. Her 84-year-old father was so shocked that he could not stop crying. He choked up when he tried to talk.

Separated by the thick glass, Ms. Jin gestured to her family, but they couldn’t understand what she tried to convey. The family wasn’t sure if she understood what they said either.

Gao told the family that Ms. Jin was found to have high blood pressure and some problems with her back. She claimed that the prison was providing treatment for her. The family demanded that she be released on medical parole, but Gao said she didn’t have the authority. With a heavy heart, the family left the prison.

Ms. Jin, who used to work at the Tonghua Steel Mill, has been arrested multiple times since the persecution began in 1999. Prior to her latest sentencing, she was sentenced to forced labor three times and was sentenced to prison once. She endured brutal torture at various detention facilities for a total of eight years. Her suffering is detailed in the related reports listed below.

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