(Minghui.org) I’m introverted, and not good at making small talk. I let others lead the conversation, because I have trouble expressing myself well. I’m often afraid that I may not speak well or that I’ll say something inappropriate and others will laugh.

My lack of confidence may have something to do with the way my parents raised me. They always said that children should, “Have ears but no mouth,” and should not say anything until they think it through. This has always been an invisible restriction on me. Therefore, the project of sending Multi-media Message Service (MMS) messages is very suitable for me and something I’m very happy to do.

I joined the MMS group in 2021. I logged onto the platform in June 2022 to help other practitioners deliver MMS messages. I was nervous at first and felt that the system was complicated. However, everything was easier after I became familiar with it. Since then, every morning after I finish practicing the exercises and studying the Fa I start sending MMS messages until noon when it’s time to send righteous thoughts.

Practitioners in the MMS group closely follow the Fa-rectification process and use the current political situation to make touching pictures and voice MMS messages. We quickly deliver the messages. Sometimes the other practitioners wonder whether our messages are received. I’ve always felt that if you spread the word, there is hope.

When a duplicate number is encountered, it will be displayed on the same phone. If it has been a long time since the last message was sent, I resend it hoping to give the person another chance. All beings are at a critical moment in history, and many people have not been saved. Maybe this time he or she will read the message and be saved. This is similar to making phone calls to clarify the truth. The phone call team calls the same number at least five times. They want to give everyone a chance.

The first time I participated in a special case, I felt it was mind-blowing. I often heard that Falun Dafa is practiced in many countries and regions around the world, but it felt far away from me. There are indeed fellow practitioners from so many countries gathered on one platform, and everyone is doing their best to clarify the truth. When I realized this, my heart immediately felt lifted. I just want to catch up with everyone and do a better job reaching out to people.

In the past, I felt a little envious when I noticed many people coming to and from my neighbor’s house, while my home was quiet. After I began practicing Falun Dafa, I felt that running around was a waste of time. Now, if someone asks me which country I’d like to visit, I say I’m happy where I am. Doing the three things is the most important and meaningful to me.

Master said:

“Yet as you raise your level in cultivation, you will gradually find that your ordinary human interests become weaker and weaker.” (Teachings at the Conference in Singapore)

“No matter what happens, one must maintain good xinxing. Only through adhering to Dafa can one be truly right.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

Our every thought must be on the Fa. We need to practice and cultivate ourselves solidly. I always remind myself to take the Fa as my guide and act in accordance with Dafa.

The above is my personal understanding. Thank you Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!