(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa on July 2, 1995 because I wanted to keep fit and have my illnesses healed. After I began practicing my view of the world underwent a major transformation.

Before I began practicing Falun Dafa I joined the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Youth League and then I was invited to join the Party. I was eventually promoted to Deputy Secretary of the CCP committee. My husband was later diagnosed with cancer. I was only 42 years old. You can imagine how much pressure I was under, because back then a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. Our child was young, my salary was low, and I was ill. I had one thought: If there is a kind of exercise that healed one’s illnesses, how wonderful would that be!

My dream soon came true. A coworker told me, “People are doing some exercises near your home. A few employees from our factory go there.” I called one of them into my office, and after I found out what it was, I decided to begin practicing Falun Dafa.

Falun Dafa Helped Resolve Our Bad Relationship

I was always afraid of my father and I never loved him. When I was little I cried out loud and my mouth was wide open. He spat into my mouth, and then laughed out loud.

After I grew up and started working, whenever there was a holiday I always visited my mother. When my father saw me he ignored me.

After I began to practice Falun Dafa, when he ignored me, I took the initiative to talk to him. Sometimes I gave him some pocket money to use. I also helped him take care of some small things. For instance, when he wanted to buy a hat, I took him to an outlet store and bought the most expensive one for him. He was very happy. I also strictly held myself to the standards of Dafa. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get him to change his attitude towards me.

After my oldest brother started his own business, he gradually accumulated some savings. He bought a brand-new three-bedroom apartment for our parents. He decided my parent’s old apartment should be given to me, as my living condition was the poorest among all the siblings. He asked our father to transfer the property title to me but he refused. I said it was fine for him to hold onto the property, I was glad to live there.

Day in and day out, there were always petty issues in the family. Only by treating myself as a practitioner could I handle everything according to Dafa’s requirements, keep improving my xinxing, and maintain a good attitude. My father’s attitude towards me gradually changed. During family conflicts he no longer attacked me as viciously as he did before.

Later on, his attitude towards me changed completely. When he was hospitalized, he told his roommates: Our second daughter treats me the best. The other patients families told me, “Your father thinks very highly of you.” Dafa resolved the bad karmic relationship between us. It’s so wonderful to be able to cultivate.

Letting Go of My Attachment to Self Interest

I lived in my parents’ old apartment for six years. I sold my old property and used the money to renovate their apartment and replace the old furniture. My mother praised my efforts, saying the apartment had always been humid and dark since it was on the ground floor. They even had to turn the lights on during the daytime. When they lived there, they didn’t do anything to renovate it.

My mother often called that apartment an “underworld” when she lived there. Seeing the newly renovated place, my sister-in-law started feeling upset. After my brother married, they lived with my parents. He, his wife, and their child stayed in the same bedroom. Because of the limited space, the conflicts between my sister-in-law and my mother were getting more intense.

Whenever I talked to my mother she always complained about my brother and sister-in-law. She was so upset that she developed high blood pressure and had a stroke.

I talked to my brother and suggested his family and my mother live separately. At first, I moved to the property I saved for my son for after he married. My mother moved into her old apartment. Then I talked to my husband about returning the property to them. When he agreed, I told my mother. They were all very happy. At that time, housing prices had gone through the roof. When I first lived there, the property was only worth 70,000 yuan, but later on, it went up to over a million. For a regular person, if a property was given to them, would they ever return it? There would have been no way that would happen.

But I reminded myself that I am a practitioner and I should practice Forbearance. In my day-to-day life, it was all about these petty things. However, there is no petty thing in one’s cultivation. I treated them as opportunities for me to improve. I also felt grateful for giving me these cultivation opportunities.

Letting Go Fear and Sentimentality

My husband didn’t cultivate, but he was very supportive of my cultivation. He took care of all the household chores. After the CCP began slandering Dafa and persecuting practitioners, we needed to clarify the truth to people. I went out one night to distribute truth-clarification materials. I walked around a few residential buildings, I didn’t hand any out. I was petrified and my heart pounded. After I came home, I was so mad at myself: Why was I so incompetent?

When my husband came home from work he asked why I was upset, I told him about it. He smiled, and said, “Bring your materials.” We went to one building after another, and handed them all out in a short while. I was so happy. Afterwards, I kept eliminating this fear. In order to hand out more, I made pockets inside my winter coats, and put a lot of materials in them. When it got dark, I went inside the buildings I hadn’t visited.

My home later became a small production center for truth-clarification materials. I worked with fellow practitioners and was responsible for producing truth-clarification materials for a certain area. I made the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, small and large brochures, flyers, and I printed truth-clarification messages on paper currency. Whatever practitioners asked us to do, we did it. My husband bought supplies, fixed printers, and did other tasks. He was also responsible for delivering the materials and running some other errands. Protected by Master, our production center has been running safely for 16 years.

However, without showing any signs of a health issue, my husband suddenly passed away in 2020. His departure didn’t affect my doing the three things. I was able to let go of my sentimentality. Master kept enlightening me, and I kept elevating myself. Master was right by my side.

Saving More People

I was responsible for providing all kinds of truth-clarification materials to practitioners. My small production center ran smoothly, and one bag after another of informational materials was delivered to practitioners on a timely basis. The other practitioners and I used all kinds of ways to clarify the truth to people, either going to visit them, or inviting them to our homes to clarify the facts to them. That way we could talk to them thoroughly, and give them copies of the Nine Commentaries.

One day, police officers in our district called and said they would visit me. After I did the nucleic acid test, I called them and asked them what time they will come. They said, “Right away.” Two policemen came and wanted to photograph me. I refused. We chatted and they asked about my family.

I clarified the truth to them, and explained how I began to practice Falun Dafa, how I dealt with family conflicts; and how I treated issues involving my self-interest. I told them that I was the CCP Deputy Committee Secretary, the secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and the Deputy President of the factory. We were a company in difficulty. The biggest conflict between the company and its employees came down to the issue of reimbursement of medical expenses for employees. I was in charge of this. How did I appropriately resolve the medical expenses of some employees? It was according to their priorities and degree of difficulty. I said that I practice Falun Dafa and that Master asks us to be good people.

An officer said, “You need to sign this.” I said, “Let me read it.” After I finished reading it, I said, “This has nothing to do with me. I practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, which are sincerity, kindness and tolerance.” He said, “You are in your 70s. If I report you, you’ll probably end up in prison.”

I said, “When I talked about the legal aspects, you didn’t want to listen. When we talked to you about the self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square, you said it’s irrelevant to you. I won’t sign your documents.” I continued, “You are welcome to come talk to me another time.” He was upset and left.

When the pandemic was rampant, two police officers came. They asked if I was infected. I said, “No. People from the local district management committee already came and asked me twice.” The officer said, “Everyone was infected.” Then he said they were told to strictly carry out these orders that were received from the top, and many people complained. I said I understood that they were doing their job.

I said, “Many things you did, including persecuting practitioners, wasn’t out of your will, yet you had to do it.” I clarified the truth to him in great detail. He finally understood. I said, “Why don’t you quit the CCP, so you don’t have to go down with the Party when it collapses.” He agreed to quit.

He told me that their supervisor would come the next day. When the supervisor came, I clarified the facts to him. After that, I told him: Our Master is here to save all people. The entire world has been affected by the virus. Even the medical experts can’t explain where the virus came from. If you want to be safe, you must do two things: One is to renounce your memberships in the CCP and its affiliates; two is to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” Hearing that, both of them smiled, as they understood the truth. Before he left, he said that he’d come again. I said I’d welcome him.

These are my cultivation experiences.