(Minghui.org) The 2023 Australia Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Melbourne on October 29. Several practitioners from across Australia shared their thoughts after the conference and many said they saw where they could improve, and eliminate attachments, such as ego, and a show off mentality. They said they would practice as diligently as they did in the beginning and form a whole body with other practitioners with a humble attitude and gratitude.

The 2023 Australia Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held in Melbourne on October 29

Falun Dafa Is What I’ve Been Looking For

Louise from Queensland works in retail and customer service

“I came across Falun Dafa just before 1999 when the persecution started. A flyer was placed in my mail box,” Louise said. “I practiced yoga before that. After I read the front and the back of the flyer I told my husband, this is what I have been looking for all my life. I bought Zhuan Falun, read it and began practicing.” 

She said she attends the conference every year, “For me the power of the Fa in such a large group helps to shift my mind and my thinking and helps me elevate and enlighten to things that I may not normally enlighten to in my daily life.” 

She said she was impressed with the sharing by a practitioner who works in a media project, “She is a young practitioner and talked about being diligent and keeping her priorities and her time management. 

“I have more responsibility after stepping forward in a Dafa project. It’s a serious responsibility, so I have to elevate my own cultivation. I need time management to be able to fit everything in, my Fa study, my family, my work, and also the project. I have to upgrade my own cultivation to fulfill my mission.” 

Cultivating Solidly

Stuart from Melbourne began practicing Falun Dafa in 2000

Stuart praised practitioners’ experiences, “All of them have been really amazing, they’ve been very specific in how they’ve improved. They talked about the difficulties they’ve had and how they’ve overcome it and I think that’s very important.”

“I’d like to consistently improve myself in the way that I can balance things better. Usually I get distracted by things, such as social media, which is something I want to cut down on. I find that is a big waste of time. It’s a distraction, it’s not something I want to put my time toward.” 

He said, “I came to be a part of all the activities and be a part of the energy field that the practice has. I felt very light and comfortable. It has been a very wonderful weekend.” 

Greatly Benefiting from the Conference 


Barbara was an assistant in a pharmacy before she retired. She has practiced Dafa for 24 years. She said, “I go to every Fa conference because I learn so much from other practitioners. Practitioners share their experiences, how they started practicing, how they overcame tribulations and difficulties. So it’s very good.” 

“I was quite moved by a sharing of a practitioner on how she learned to play an instrument in the marching band. It was very moving and how diligent she was to get to this point. It was very inspiring.” 

She said, “Master gave us Dafa and such an opportunity to practice and cultivate. We just have to follow the principles. We are at the turn of history. We really cannot do things slowly now. We have to take cultivation very seriously. We have to speed up our cultivation, we have to get rid of our attachments.”

She said, “I will organize my time better. I have to put more time into Fa study, which I think is fundamental because if you study a lot you can understand much better, and you can do everything better, you can be more diligent.”

Letting Go of Ego


Mark, a business owner, said, “It was very inspiring to see how practitioners look at their everyday circumstances and then do things based on the Fa, rather than use human ways to overcome issues. The Fa conference has helped me improve my righteous thoughts.” 

“I have a very busy life. It is very easy for me to develop a big ego, and be very materialistic. So Falun Dafa has enabled me to reflect on who I was becoming.” 

He said, “The sharing of the practitioner, a young Indonesian doctor, inspired me to reflect on the fact that I need to look at things holistically. I tend to be very capable in the human world, and I use that capability for my personal goals as opposed to using it as a particle of Dafa. So, to be one with the practitioners I have to unravel all those human behaviors. In doing so, I will be a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner. 

“I need to change myself. I will reduce my ego, my show off mentality and become humble. I’ll become more diligent with Fa study, and exercises and make sure I judge everything based on the Fa as best as I can at my level, so that I can make progress in Fa rectification. I need to be diligent and cultivate solidly.”