(Minghui.org) The “Stop the CCP’s Live Organ Harvesting” poster exhibition, organized by the Transplant Tourism Research Association (TTRA) with assistance from the Osaka City Board of Education, was held at the Abeno Citizen Learning Center in Osaka from October 25 to 27, 2023. The venue was in a popular area, and many people visited the exhibition.

The Stop the CCP’s Live Organ Harvesting poster exhibition was held at the Abeno Citizen Learning Center in Osaka October 25 to 27.

The 40 posters on display were the winning entries in the international anti-organ harvesting poster competition jointly organized by three NGO groups in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan in 2020. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong and its state-sanctioned forced live organ harvesting from its practitioners.

Some who saw the exhibition said they were shocked by what they saw and were sad that such a thing could still be happening in China. Others were horrified and said it should be stopped immediately. Some said that they would tell their friends and do research on it.

“It is especially important to know the truth”

Osaka City Council Member Ms. Tsuji Junko

Member of the Osaka City Council Ms. Tsuji Junko visited the exhibition on the second day. She said, “In order to stop the organ harvesting in China, it is especially important for citizens to know the truth. It is necessary to raise public awareness through social media, leaflets, and posters. Of course, it must also be condemned as a national position. The country needs to strengthen the legal system and stop intermediaries and transplant receivers who conduct illegal organ transplant transactions. Our political party will take action.”

The CCP Must Be Punished

Mr. Wang, who just came from China, said that, in the face of gangsters like the Chinese Communist Party, there is no reason to question or argue, that such behavior must be classified as “terrorism” and be thoroughly sanctioned.

“A horrific reality that cannot be expressed in words”

Mr. Nishimura Hikaru, former member of the Osaka Prefecture Assembly, spent a long time viewing each work and chatting with the staff on October 26. He also watched the video running in one corner of the exhibition.

Mr. Nishimura Hikaru, former member of the Osaka Prefecture Assembly

Mr. Nishimura said, “These works convey a strong message. Some posters are very moving. The overall impression I have is that, although these are artworks, the real acts would be even more horrific. It is a reality that cannot be expressed in words.”

He said that there are many problems with the Chinese Communist Party, but most people in Osaka do not know the truth about organ transplantation, although some do. Organ transplantation has become an industry: Organs are sold at high prices, and there are always eager buyers. Although there are no specific figures or evidence, the fact is that the Japanese do purchase organs, he said.

“As a former lawmaker, I think it is my duty to tell voters and everyone I know about this,” he continued. “Local councils should propose measures to the country, but I feel that the current Japanese government is slow to act.”

Human rights lawyer Mr. Tokunaga Shinichi said, “Now is the time to speak up about China’s issues.”

Human rights lawyer Mr. Tokunaga Shinichi said, “The Japanese often turn a blind eye. Now is the time to speak up about China’s issues.”

A young man was in favor of the exhibition.

A young man said he was shocked when he heard about the live organ harvesting in China. After viewing all the posters and watching the video, he said the government-sanctioned organ harvesting must not be allowed to happen. “It’s good to know the truth about what’s happening in China now,” he said.