(Minghui.org) I have had negative thoughts since childhood. I would think negatively if my parents returned home late, worrying that they were stopped by bad people or something bad happened to them. After practicing Dafa, I understood that negative thinking appeared after the universe deteriorated, and it was utilized by the old forces to persecute Dafa practitioners in the Dharma-ending period. 

On a winter day a few years back, I slipped on the ice and fell onto my left leg when speaking to people on a market day. I thought to myself: “It’s okay, a cultivator can’t be hurt.” But, I couldn’t walk for a short distance, and I couldn’t stand up. A fellow practitioner phoned her son to drive me home. 

When I got home, I didn’t dare to move my legs and many negative thoughts came up. “What should I do if I can’t walk anymore?” I thought. As soon as I admitted the old forces’ arrangement, I experienced more interference. My ears were filled with metal knocking noise when I sent forth righteous thoughts. My belly was in severe pain and I had to stop sending righteous thoughts to go to the toilet. There were also numbness in legs, body itching, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, and I couldn’t keep holding my arms up while doing the exercises.

The reason I was interfered with was that I was blocked by acquired concepts, thought karma, and empirical science, such as “seeing is believing” and personal feelings. These things hindered my righteous thoughts and belief in Dafa. I did not correct my negative thinking on time and admitted the old forces’ arrangement unintentionally.

Later, with the help of fellow practitioners, I studied the Fa earnestly, from reading the Fa word by word, to memorizing the Fa sentence by sentence, and then to reciting paragraph by paragraph. Gradually I realized that all of this was a false appearance, and it was persecution imposed by the old forces. 

I also have a clear understanding of negative thinking, which is a vicious means used by the old forces to destroy Dafa disciples. Negative thinking is intended to make people think of the worst, make people afraid, be fearful, and think the tribulation is very severe, as if one is about to die. It is to prevent one from using righteous thoughts to look at problems, and to lose confidence in cultivation and belief in Master. 

Now I can grasp every thought in my mind and eliminate negative thoughts as soon as they appear, and I arrange a certain time every day to eliminate negative thoughts. After a period of time, I am able to see through the persecution and I am no longer afraid and tempted. I clearly understand that Fa-rectification has nothing to do with the old forces. I also realized the importance and seriousness of every thought, word and deed in Fa-rectification. 

Our belief in Master and the Fa is very important, and it runs through our cultivation from beginning to end. It is the fundamental factor determining whether Dafa practitioners can reach consummation. The old forces use the corrupted negative thinking to destroy the will of Dafa practitioners, which Master does not recognize at all, so we shall not fall into the trap of the old forces. 

Thank you, Master!Thank you, fellow practitioners!