(Minghui.org) The 2023 South Korean Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held at the Daejeon KT Talent Development Institute on October 29. Ten practitioners spoke on stage, sharing how they benefited from practicing Falun Dafa, and how they looked within to improve their character, let go of ego, and eliminated their attachments in daily life and in projects they participate in to raise awareness. 

Some of the speakers shed tears when they shared about their gratitude to Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi for giving them a new life and a righteous path to follow. 

The 2023 South Korean Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held at Daejeon KT Talent Development Institute on October 29.

Practitioners share their experiences on stage. 

Cultivating While Helping at the Shen Yun Customer Service Center

Lim Su-jeong from Gimhae talked about her experiences while helping at the Shen Yun Customer Service Center. One day there were very few staff members helping with the customer service center. She knew that although she was inadequate, her heart was sincere, and she was determined to do her best.

She said it was sometimes difficult to deal with customer complaints. When one customer began shouting, she was upset. But she set aside her fear and regained her confidence. She was no longer moved by the customer’s angry voice. She was very busy during the Shen Yun performances, and answered one call after another. She said that she could feel people’s urgent wish to watch Shen Yun and she was very happy to help them. 

Looking Within While Doing Projects to Validate Dafa

Kim Soo-jin from Daegu talked about her experiences while working at the Shen Yun Shop. A few years ago, she ended her 15-year career as a scientist and participated in the project of Shen Yun Store Logistics Center. She often complained about the coordinator. She realized she had conflicts with others because of her karma. But it was difficult for her to let go of her grievances whenever conflicts occurred.

She looked within to see why she complained about the coordinator, and found a deep attachment to validating herself. She thought that she was helping, “I’m helping you. So you should be good to me.” She wanted to be acknowledged and as a result, her attachment to validating herself became stronger. She later realized, “I am fulfilling the vow I signed with Master.” 

After recognizing her negative thinking and potential impact she realized that she should not complain about co-workers as though she were working at an ordinary company. Instead of complaining, she began to thank the person in charge.

A Senior Starts Practicing Dafa

Mr. Lee from Gwangju began practicing nearly three years ago, and said, “I was interested in religions since I was a child and I looked into several, but none gave me a satisfactory answer to my questions.”

In early March 2012, he took a walk on a mountain in Gwangju, and found a Falun Dafa leaflet on a bench. When he read a few pages of Zhuan Falun, he felt that everything in the book was true and he encountered an amazing new world. He realized that this is not an ordinary book. He was very happy. 

Ms. Lee from Daegu is 70 years old and has practiced Falun Dafa for two years and eight months. She used to suffer from glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts and other eye diseases, to the point where she was almost unable to see. Her field of view was also very narrow, only about 45 degrees. She could not clearly see the TV even when she sat right in front of it.

When she first read the book Zhuan Falun, she was worried about whether she could read with her poor eyesight. But she made up her mind to read as much as she could, and started reading line by line. After reading the book, her eyesight recovered to the point she could manage her daily life. She found that the numbers in the TV subtitles were also very clear. She was amazed. In the past ten years, she had suffered a lot due to poor eyesight, but it took four months for her to recover after she began practicing. She said it was really amazing.

When she participated in a group study for the first time, the moment she opened Zhuan Falun, the book was gleaming and golden. After a short while, the pages turned white again. She said, “Now when I am studying the Fa, I open Zhuan Falun and read it quietly. I can see the Falun spinning in the words. But I am not attached to what I see and concentrate on studying the Fa.”

Breast Cancer Disappears 

Ms. Lee from northern Seoul was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2018. She was exhausted due to the prolonged cancer treatment, when a college senior gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun. The senior told her that reading this book might help relieve her pain.

When she read Zhuan Falun for the first time, she found that it contained profound content. She wondered if she was affected by residual Christian ideas as she could not understand the content in the book. She could only read one or two pages a day. A year passed and she couldn’t even finish reading the first lecture.

A year later, she met the brother of the senior who had given her the book. The senior’s brother told her a section of Master’s teaching. The moment she read Master’s teachings in Zhuan Falun, she realized that all the attachments that she had been unable to let go of and that caused her pain came from emotion. She wept bitterly.

After she started practicing seriously in September 2019, her neutrophil cell count nearly doubled. Normally, during cancer treatment the white blood cell and neutrophil count drop significantly. But in just six months, her count rose to a maximum of 3850, which surprised her and her doctors. She said, “I personally experienced the amazing effects of cultivation, which made me more determined to practice diligently.”

Fortunate to Find Dafa

Park Jin-sook from Busan said that her sister was often sick. The next time she saw her she looked very good. Her sister said it was because she practiced Falun Dafa. A few days later, her sister gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun. While she was sitting on the electric blanket and reading the book, she suddenly felt as if an electric current was passing through her body from head to toe, and she thought it might be a shock from the blanket. After she read the book she realized it was Master giving her “Guanding.”

She participated in group exercises and Fa study. About two days after returning from group Fa study, her dizziness that had plagued her for decades disappeared. Her reflux esophagitis and cystitis were also gone.

She said that her life was full of ups and downs. Although life is hard, rather than getting discouraged, she always lives with the hope that she will eventually overcome. She felt that because she always maintained an attitude of being considerate and not greedy, she was lucky enough to start practicing Dafa at such a late age. She said that she would study the Fa more, cultivate herself well, and save more people.

Benefiting from the Conference

Practitioners said that participating in the annual conference helped them once again realize how precious it is. Lee from Seoul said, “Listening to fellow practitioners’ speeches, it feels like they spoke to me, and I have a lot of feelings.” Lee Kang from Ansan said, “Other people’s experiences reminded me of my early days of cultivation. I feel like everyone is doing really well by comparing themselves with Dafa’s standards. I feel that I should also get back to that state of cultivation as when I first started.”

Kang Seung-hoon from Changwon said, “It feels good to listen to the experiences of practitioners who practice in various environments. Especially after watching the movie We Were Once Divine, I’m better able to see the origins and relationships of the people around me. I was very moved and wept.”

Korean practitioners said they are determined to return to their original positions, believe in Master and the Fa, and fulfill their vows.