(Minghui.org) There are three of us in my family: my father, my mother, and myself.

Master said,

“I sometimes think that while an individual being might seem quite trivial, each has its own life story. Some are solemn and stirring, some are complex and full of twists and turns, some are joyous, some are painful, and some are compassionate or kind, each having the different traits of that being. I really cherish them.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”, Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Volume XI)

Among the three of us, as Master said, there were joys and sorrows, but they all were resolved in Dafa.

My Mother Guided Me to Dafa

My mother met an acquaintance in her hometown in 2004, who happened to be a Falun Dafa practitioner. This practitioner clarified the truth about the practice to my mother, which deeply moved her. That night, my mother read Zhuan Falun, the primary book of Falun Dafa, throughout the entire night. Reading Zhuan Falun helped my mother understand the hardships she had faced in the past and learn about the practice’s remarkable healing effects. Without hesitation, she decided to practice.

After taking up the practice, my mother changed a lot. She was healthier and happier and seldom complained. I remembered that in the past, she used to arrive late or leave work early, and often vented her frustrations. After seeing the changes in her, I became convinced of Falun Dafa’s benefits.

At the end of 2004, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published. I followed my mother’s advice and withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) youth organizations using my real name.

The following year, I began to read Zhuan Falun and Hong Yin with my mother. In my free time, I liked to read truth-clarification pamphlets about Falun Dafa. I was consistently inspired by practitioners’ courage, determination, and wisdom.

One day, I had an unusual dream. In a dark cave underground, a big devil held a meeting with several smaller devils. The big devil pointed to my home and said, “This family seems to have started practicing Falun Dafa. Who can go and test whether they are truly committed?” The smaller devils exchanged glances of uncertainty, with none of them volunteering.

At that moment, a small devil emerged from a nearby mound of earth, clutching a pitchfork. With a limp, he boldly yelled, “I’ll go!” This little devil then transformed into a wisp of smoke and drilled his way into my room. Once there, he assumed his true form and stood in the center of the room, asking, “I heard that your family has obtained the Fa. Do you intend to practice?” Without hesitation, I replied, “I will cultivate until the end!” My response startled the little devil, who fled right away.

When I woke up, I told my mother what I saw in the dream. My mother said, “You gave a good answer! How did you come up with that?” I said, “I recently read it in an article on the Minghui website, and I just remembered it!”

I Began to Practice Falun Dafa

Time flies, and I had studied the Fa with my mother for six or seven years. Over this period, my mother often encouraged me to take up the practice, but I always found various excuses to put it off, thinking it was enough to have my mother practicing at home.

In June 2012, I took my summer vacation earlier than planned because my work at school was not going well. One day at home, after reading Zhuan Falun with my mother, she suggested that I give the meditation another try. My mother’s persuasion moved me, and I meditated in the single lotus position. As I entered a state of tranquility, I saw a small baby girl with two pigtails sitting in an eggshell with her legs crossed, with a peaceful expression. When I finished the meditation, I was very happy and said, “Mother, I will start practicing!” My mother was even more excited than I was. She said her dearest wish had finally come true!

Master said,

“This predestined opportunity of tens of millions of years, or even eons, and the long wait we have all been through, as with all that we have borne throughout history—all of it was for today.” (“Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World Volume XI)

My Relationship with My Father

My father was a college student in the 1980s, and majored in Marxism and Leninism. I disliked my father for as long as I could remember. He seemed to be a troublemaker. He constantly argued with my mother and scolded me for no reason.

My father was very upset about my mother practicing Falun Dafa. Initially, he cursed at my mother. Later, he just ignored her, regardless of how she tried to explain her reasons for practicing. At the same time, his overall behavior deteriorated to the point where it became disgraceful and unbearable. My parents got divorced in 2009. After their separation, I only visited him routinely during the winter and summer vacations.

One day in the summer of 2013, we soon found ourselves in another argument when I visited my father. I can’t recall what triggered our argument, but I do remember being so furious that I stormed back home and threw myself onto the bed. I fell asleep and had a vivid dream. In the dream, I found myself in an ancient dynasty, and was a young man carrying a sword. One day, at the entrance of my village, an evil monk attempted to humiliate my wife. My wife couldn’t bear it and committed suicide. Filled with grief and anger, even though the monk’s martial arts skills surpassed mine, I didn’t hesitate to draw my sword and fight him. I suddenly woke up and realized that the evil monk was none other than my father! I shared the dream with my mother and thought, “No wonder my dad and I always seemed like enemies; we have a bad karmic tie!”

My mother began to experience serious health problems in 2014, and in early 2016, she passed away. I simply couldn’t accept it. I was sad and in tears all day. Without my mother’s help, I found that life suddenly became tough. I realized that my mother had shouldered many hardships for me.

A week later, I managed to hold back my grief and went to visit my father. He comforted me and said, “Don’t be afraid, you have your father! Tell me if you need help at any time!” I was deeply grateful that he could offer me help.

I tried to calm myself down and study the Fa. Due to my sadness, I didn’t want to interact with many people, so I went out when I had time and put up truth-clarification materials. When I returned home, I did the exercises. My celestial eye often saw me flying through space, moving from one large lotus flower to another, higher up in the sky. Over time, I found myself much calmer.

My Father Changed

I came to the United States in 2017. I started clarifying the truth about Dafa at tourist sites without taking a day off, regardless of the weather. Three months later, I began working on a media project.

By then, my father had been retired for many years, and his temperament and personality had significantly changed. Initially, he was hesitant about my staying in the U.S., but he later agreed, showing concern for me. Eventually, we were able to have meaningful discussions about my practice.

My father had a few casual chats with me about how he always met good people to help him in those days. I said, “Dad, I have been doing meaningful work in the United States without much income. It’s all because of your financial support over the years that I could spend more time clarifying the truth about Dafa. Moreover, you have been treating people according to the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, so you will naturally be blessed.”

Early one morning, I was meditating when I saw this scene: In an era long ago, people lived in a half-god, half-human culture. There was a majestic Taoist temple with several large pillars in the main hall that went straight up through the clouds. On the floor of the great hall, two small children were sitting cross-legged on futons. In mid-air, two elderly Taoist priests appeared in the air. One of the Taoist priests pointed at a young child and said, “This child has good qualifications. If she is willing to cultivate in the future, I would like to test her and support her!” The young child was me, and the older Taoist priest was my father.

Later that evening, I called my father and clarified the truth about Dafa to him in detail. I explained that Falun Dafa benefits people physically and mentally. I advised him to meditate when he had time, as it is good for his health. I also discussed the CCP’s destructive nature, emphasizing that the CCP was not the same as China. I stressed that those who join the Party should quit to ensure their safety. Finally, I expressed my heartfelt gratitude for his support over the years.

After hearing this, my father choked up. He said, “You’ve grown up!” I responded, “Dad, can I give you a nickname to quit the Party today? Your life is your own; you can’t give your life to the evil Party!” Regrettably, my father did not agree.

At the end of 2022, China suddenly opened up from lockdown without warning, leading to a rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many elderly people lost their lives. My father, who had been suffering from diabetes and cerebral thrombosis for years, could not escape the disaster and passed away. Faced with this tragedy, I told myself I couldn’t remain in sorrow and do nothing. It was urgent that I find a way to help him withdraw from the Party.

One day after that, I bought flowers and went to a park to say farewell to my father from faraway in America. In the silence, I saw rows and rows of recently departed souls in a kind of hellish realm, and my father was among them. I quickly awakened my father and said, “Can I use a nickname to help you renounce the CCP?” My father replied, “Okay, I’ll quit the CCP!”

One morning in February when I was meditating, I suddenly saw that my father had been reborn as a baby boy, and that he could obtain the Fa in this life!

Master said,

“They came and assumed human form to await the Creator and His salvation back to their heavenly kingdom. And while they waited, they built up merit over their many past lives; and that was the purpose of people’s rebirths. The troubled nature of this world is meant to make something great of these lives.” (“How Humankind Came To Be”)

I was so excited that I could not help but cry. I said, “Thank you, Master for bringing the karmic relationship between my father and me to a perfect conclusion.”