(Minghui.org) The Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, in November 2004. The series revealed the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in depth and in 2005, was honored with a National Journalism Award in the category, Asian American Issues-Online by the Asian American Journalists Association. It has been translated into 27 languages. Many Chinese, both inside and outside China, quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations after reading the Nine Commentaries.

This year marks the 19th anniversary of the Nine Commentaries’ publication. Falun Dafa practitioners continue to introduce the book and encourage Chinese people to quit the CCP. To date, over 420 million people have withdrawn from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Many practitioners work tirelessly to tell people the evil deeds committed by the CCP and explain the importance of withdrawing their memberships in the Party.

Ms. Guo from Taipei, Taiwan has practiced Falun Dafa for more than two decades. She suffered from poor health prior to taking up the practice and often felt tired. After she began practicing, her health improved and she had more energy than when she was younger. Her complexion became fair and rosy, the tone of her voice became gentle and kind. She was even offered a better position at work.

Yet, such a wonderful practice is suppressed in China where to this day, the CCP continues to persecute practitioners, and spread lies vilifying the practice. It also is behind the crime of live organ harvesting from detained practitioners to sell for organ transplants, a form of evil unprecedented on earth. Eight years ago, Ms. Guo started volunteering to help people quit the CCP. In her spare time she makes phone calls to people in China and exposes the CCP’s lies.

Telling People About Organ Harvesting

Due to the CCP’s decades-long campaign of lies and propaganda, many people in China were initially hostile when Quit the CCP Center volunteers called them.

One time, a man argued loudly when Ms. Guo called him. He shouted, “What’s bad about the CCP?” “It’s great and bright!”

Ms. Guo told him these were CCP tactics to brainwash people. Now, even Party members don’t believe in the CCP. She explained, “The CCP always criticizes America, yet officials are sending their family and money to the U.S. Why don’t they send them to the CCP’s allies, like Cuba and North Korea?” “Some people say: “Reprimanding America is my job.” The Party officials don’t believe in Communist ideology, they plan to escape as soon as the Party falls.”

The man asked, “Didn’t the CCP claim it’s pointing the way for humanity? What’s bad about that?” Ms. Guo explained that China has 5,000 years of history and culture—the CCP is not China. Chinese people are descendants of the Yellow Emperor not Marxism. Karl Marx who founded communism became a Satanist when he was young. In his Communist manifesto he wrote that communism is a specter (ghost).

Ms. Guo then told the man about organ harvesting, and that the CCP is capable of doing something so terrible. This touched his conscience. He agreed to withdraw from the Party and said that good deeds are rewarded but bad deeds are punished. He said, “No tyranny can last forever, as long as it is evil, heaven will punish it and it will be eliminated for sure.”

The CCP Is Not China

An elderly man who'd heard the CCP’s lies was not convinced that it was evil. Ms. Guo patiently told him about forced organ harvesting and emphasized that the CCP is not China, that China has 5,000 years of civilization and went through different dynasties including the Tang, Song, Yuan, and Qing. Although dynasties came and went, China was still China, so one should not be worried if the CCP falls—China and its people will prevail.

She calmly explained that Chinese people worked hard to provide for themselves—but the CCP only takes from them. The people are supporting the CCP, and the CCP is persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners who strive to be good and kind. “We tell people the truth so that they will stop supporting the Party,” she said.

The man began to understand what Ms. Guo was trying to tell him. He said, “There are so many corrupt officials nowadays that one cannot arrest them all. If China does not change, it will be the end. No dynasty can rule for thousands of years. When the, time is up, we will herald a new era.”

Ms. Guo encouraged the man to read the Nine Commentaries and he repeatedly said “Yes.” He also agreed to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and tell his family members the terrible things the CCP has done.

Man Agrees to Quit after Relative’s Misfortune

A man from Jiangxi Province answered Ms. Guo’s phone call and told her he'd known for a long time that everything the CCP says are lies. He chose to say nothing to avoid arrest.

When Ms. Guo told him about organ harvesting, he said his relative in her 20s who was a healthy woman went to the hospital to give birth. Then, her family was told that she had gone into a coma. “The doctor said she was completely brain dead and that she could not be revived.” They asked the family to agree to sell her organs. Her family suspected something fishy but could not do anything as they had no evidence.

He said resolutely, “Yes, there is such a thing as forcedorgan harvesting!” He immediately agreed to withdraw his membership in the Youth league.

Woman Agrees to Quit the CCP

A woman in China had two concerns: She said that telling people that good deeds are rewarded but evil deeds are punished sounded like a curse. She also thought that telling people “Falun Dafa is good” was getting involved in politics.

Ms. Guo explained that many people understand that good is rewarded with good, and this is a heavenly principle. For decades, the CCP promoted atheism and did not allow people to believe in heavenly principles, or that people should do good deeds.

Regarding the issue of getting involved in politics, Ms. Guo said, “Starting in elementary school, children in China are taught that criticizing the CCP is getting involved in politics. If you are persecuted by the regime and tell others about your unjust treatment, people in China immediately say, ‘You are participating in politics.’”

She told the woman, “You have a good heart so please recognize the truth. People know the difference between good and evil. It does not mean that when we say the CCP is bad, we are automatically wrong. Exposing the Party’s crimes is not getting involved in politics. Falun Dafa practitioners don’t have any political motives.”

The woman accepted what Ms. Guo told her and shared a personal experience: She witnessed Party officials bullying a woman who came to the city from a village. She was angered by what she saw and said, “Everyone should stand on the side of justice!”

After Ms. Guo answered her questions, the woman did not hesitate to quit her membership in the Young Pioneers.