(Minghui.org) I am a 75-year-old retired teacher. From the onset of the persecution, on July 20, 1999, and into June 2001, like thousands of other Falun Dafa practitioners, I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice my belief and oppose the persecution. I was arrested, illegally detained several times, held in a brainwashing center, and had home raided and my wages withheld. Despite this intense pressure, I did not let go of my faith. Instead, it strengthened my determination to practice Dafa.

In these troubled times, Master is with us, watching over us and protecting us, and has turned obstacles into smooth paths for us many times. I remember in 2000 when I went to Beijing for the second time to appeal for Dafa, I was arrested, taken back to my hometown, and held in a women’s “education center.”

There were many drug addicts and prostitutes in the center, and it was very unpleasant. One day, the guards told the inmates to clean the cell, saying that the inspectors from higher up would be coming soon and we should do it quickly. But nobody liked to clean the cell, making every excuse not to, and we didn’t have any brooms.

Master taught us to be good people and to cultivate selflessness. So I took out the 100 yuan I had hidden in my collar and handed it to the guard to buy us a broom. Guard Xia was stunned. She knew that the 100 yuan was hard-earned and must have survived many searches, as inmates are not allowed to bring in any money. She smiled and said, “I don’t need you to pay for it. We have money here. Thank you.”

This 100 yuan had been sewn into my clothes before I went to Beijing so that I could buy a return train ticket. I didn’t want to please the guards or show off. Cultivators do not seek to gain in this world. But from then on, the guards looked at me in admiration, and things became less tense.

One very cold day, I was going to take a shower and wash my hair. Dafa practitioners were not allowed to use hot water, so I took the basin to get the cold water as usual. When I ran the water over my hand, it was so cold that a fear of cold came to my mind. Wasn’t that an attachment? I quickly thought, “It’s not cold, it’s hot. I’m not afraid of the cold.” As soon as my notion changed, the situation changed. Guard Bai got me two buckets of hot water. Master gave me hot water when he saw that my fear of cold was gone.

After some time, Domestic Security Bureau officers and 610 Office agents came every day to interrogate practitioners. When some practitioners were interrogated, they were deprived of sleep for two days and nights and had to stand barefoot on the cold concrete floor during the interrogation. All kinds of tactics were used. When my name was called, I thought I should treat the situation calmly and responsibly. Guard Xia came over and told the interrogator, who was the director, to take care of me.

The director called me over, invited me to sit down, and made me a cup of tea. He didn’t interrogate me. He spent the whole morning chatting with me. I took the opportunity to recite Hong Yin to him and told him the truth about Dafa and how wonderful it was. He accepted all of what I said and even asked those outside to come in and listen to me. At lunchtime, he brought me a bowl of food with braised pork. He told me to return to my cell after lunch. Master saw that I had overcome my fear and was helping me!

Over a month later, 610 Office agents came, put several forms on the table, and told me to sign them. When I saw “letter of repentance,” I said, “I won’t sign.” One of the agents started to curse. I stood my ground, and responded, “Even If you point a gun at me, I won’t sign them.”

A stalemate lasted for five or six minutes. They were about to get my fingerprints by force when guard Bao came over and said to me, “Do you think I’m going to keep you locked up here? You are going home today. Go and pack your things quickly.” The 610 Office agents couldn’t say anything. Master had guard Bao help me. Thank you, Master! I quickly packed my things and was released.