(Minghui.org) When I was 35, I suddenly began to have severe bleeding from my lower body. I was young, so I didn’t take it seriously. However, the bleeding increased every time I had my period. Even adult diapers were no longer enough. I kept getting weaker until I could hardly walk. I had no appetite. I continued to work until summer break.

One morning the pain was so bad I could not move. My husband took me to the hospital. Tests revealed I had uterine fibroids and severe ischemia. The doctor had to give me a blood transfusion before any surgery could be done. After I received two bags of blood, a rash broke out on my hands, arms, and face.

During the pre-surgery examination, the doctor discovered my uterine fibroids spread. Almost all the organs in my abdominal cavity were covered with tumors, ranging from rice size to the size of mung beans. The doctor paused in the middle of the operation and discussed my situation with my family. My family said I should have a total intra-abdominal uterine and fallopian tube resection.

As I lay in the cold surgical room I thought of Falun Dafa and Master. My husband began practicing in 1995. When we met in college, he introduced Dafa to me. I knew Dafa was good, but I did not practice.

I decided that I would not undergo a total resection. I would only allow the doctor to remove the largest fibroid. I would go home and start practicing Falun Dafa.

When I was discharged from the hospital a few days later, the doctor told me to recuperate for two months and come back for a total resection. I smiled and went home.

I spent the rest of the summer break reading all of Master’s books, and doing the exercises every day. Gradually, the rash on my body disappeared, and my menstruation was normal.

Thirteen years have passed and I’m still alive and well. Someone I knew had the same disease and she underwent a total resection in the hospital and multiple chemotherapy treatments. She passed away less than three years later,

Looking back, during the life-and-death tribulation, that single thought of righteous faith in Dafa changed my life.