(Minghui.org) Reading the article “Stunned” on the Minghui website reminded me of some concerns I had in my cultivation.

I once read an article on the Minghui website that was about a female Dafa disciple who was imprisoned and given a poisonous injection. She was in agony, and almost died. At that time I wondered why didn't Master protect her? I immediately realized that was a wrong thought and rejected it.   

That night I had a nightmare in which my nephew and another man were chasing me. I knew I had killed the man in another life. I was terrified, and the fear was intense. I ran all over the village but knew I couldn’t escape. I was about to be caught when another person stopped them and spoke on my behalf. Afterward they left, and I was spared and signed a breath of relief.

The dream continued. After my nephew disappeared, my brother appeared and wanted to kill me because I had killed his son. He was extremely angry. Once again I found myself desperately running, filled with fear. When caught, I said to my brother, “Please give me one more day with my mom.” He said, “Would you have given my son another day if he had asked?” I then woke up, soaked in perspiration.

After waking, I realized why my brother’s family always borrowed money from me and never paid it back. His family and I were on good terms, and I was willing to help. So they kept borrowing, and I never refused. Later when I was in urgent need of money, they would not return any of the borrowed money. We had a falling out and are now estranged.

Thinking about it now, I would have had to pay with my life if I had not practiced Dafa! Compassionate Master resolved this karmic debt and saved my life. Words can’t express my gratitude to Master!

Because we are cultivating in delusion, we don’t know what we have done in our previous lives, whether we cheated people out of money, bullied, harmed, or killed someone. If we have done any of these things, can those creditors let us go scot-free?

So, all the tribulations we encounter are not accidental, and they are all karmically related. And the little bit of tribulations we suffer are the remnants of what Master endured for us. How can anyone resent Master for not taking care of them?

I loved fortune-telling when I was young. One fortune-teller told me that 27 to 57 would be the best years of my life. At 27, I began to work and make money. Then I forgot about the fortune teller. When I was 57, I began to have persistent diarrhea.

By then, I had been practicing Dafa for many years. I did not pay attention to it in the beginning and thought Master was purifying my body. The diarrhea got worse and I lost a lot of weight and developed a lump in my abdomen. I was scared and asked Master to save me. “Master I don’t want people to misunderstand Dafa because of inadequacy in my cultivation. I will diligently cultivate and save more people.” I intensified my Fa study and exercise, and looked within to eliminate attachments. Gradually, my diarrhea stopped and the lump disappeared. I regained good health.

If I had not practiced Dafa, my life would have been over at age 57. Master extended my life and endured my tribulation. It’s me who owes Master. His grace and kindness are boundless.