(Minghui.org) I am 65 years old and began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Below, I would like to share something that happened in June 2023.

My daughter’s family of three visited me on June 7. A practitioner called and asked me to visit him at his house. Although I said I would like to see him, I told him that I had to wait until my daughter’s family had left. 

They didn’t leave until after 10 in the evening, so the practitioner said to come and see him the next day. I saw that practitioner on June 8, and he explained that he experienced a stroke. He couldn’t move his left hand or his left foot. 

His mouth was slanted, his voice sounded strange, and he was drooling. His oldest son contacted the younger son who was working out of town, and he came home right away.

Both sons are practitioners, and we studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts together. To our surprise, the practitioner’s condition improved somewhat, with his speech returning to normal, and he gradually stopped drooling.

Besides having his meals, the practitioner spent the day doing the exercises, studying the Fa, and sending forth righteous thoughts regularly. I prepared the meals for his family, and helped drop off and pick up his grandson from school.

We got up at three every morning, did the Falun Dafa exercises, and did them again at nine in the evening.

We read the Fa and did the exercises. He was diligent, and continued to look inward to rectify himself.

His 92-year-old mother, also a practitioner, lives with him. When he felt a bit better, he took his grandson to school and picked him up and cooked for his mother. I also helped take care of his grandson. 

We continued to study the Fa and did the exercises. He gradually improved as time went by.

The practitioner was able to walk 10 days later, and had fully recovered after 12 days from when he suffered the stroke. He did not take any medication and was not given any injections.

I’m grateful to Master and Dafa. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the extraordinary power of cultivators, and I’m reminded to look at problems from the perspective of a cultivator.