(Minghui.org) During the millennia of mankind’s existence, there have been numerous documented stories about people levitating or ascending into the skies in broad daylight in both China and the West. They range from Chinese Taoists and Indian yoga masters to flying holy priests in the Western world. The following are some examples of these miraculous phenomena. 

The Supernaturalist

The Discovery Channel broadcast a documentary in 2011 about a young American magician named Dan White. As a magician, White could perform all kinds of tricks. He also traveled to Nepal seeking the legendary monks that levitate. 

Eventually, White found a monk who could levitate. The monk said he would not levitate just to put on a show. White showed the monk that he could make the moon disappear with his hand to convince him to collaborate. After thinking about it, the monk agreed to levitate in front of White and a television crew. The documentary recorded the monk levitating over one meter high using front, side, and close-up camera angles. 

The monk told White to keep his mind open and continue learning. 

Historical Records in Ancient China

Xu Xian Zhuan (Continuing the Legend of Immortality) recorded how 36 historical people became immortals and ascended into the sky in broad daylight. They were from all walks of life, including renowned poet Zhang Zhihe, physician Sun Simiao, and female Taoist Xie Ziran.

Born in Guizhou (in today’s Sichuan Province) during the Tang Dynasty, Xie Ziran enjoyed a peaceful and simple life since she was a child. She was polite and liked to read and recite the Tao Te Ching. When she was seven years old, she traveled around with two female Taoists and did not return home until she was ten. After that, she moved to the Taoist temple of Lao Zi. In September of her fourteenth year, she said that food was like eating maggots to her and she stopped eating. 

In 790, Governor Han Yi was in the region and heard the about Xie. He invited her to visit him so he could verify whether the story about her not needing to eat was real. He kept her in a building for several months. When the door was opened, Xie was unaffected by the lack of food. She looked the same and talked naturally. Han was convinced of Xie’s supernatural ability and instructed his daughter, Han Ziming, to learn from her. 

Xie Ziran’s father, Xie Huanxing, believed in Confucianism and despised other belief systems, including Taoism. As a result, he locked Xie in a room for over 40 days. Upon her release, she was fine, and, if anything, seemed more refreshed. The father could not understand how this was possible.

In 793, Li Jian became governor of Guizhou, and he also believed in Taoism. On March 3, 794, Xie moved to Jinquan, where many Taoists had gathered. It was a fine day, and everything looked gorgeous. Xie said deities were also gathering on that day. 

Xie was a cautious person and would not casually reveal things about Taoist cultivation. However, because Li was very sincere about following Taoism, Xie occasionally told him a few things. “It is more important to recite scripture with one’s whole heart than just recite it by rote. Those who stop cultivating will lose more than those who did not start in the first place. We have to be very careful,” she said. 

After not eating for 13 years, Xie told Li on November 9, 794, that she would leave soon. Then, around 8 a.m. on November 20, she ascended up into the sky in front of thousands of people. Not long after that, colorful clouds covered the region, divine music could be heard from the sky, and a pleasant smell arose that lasted a long time. 

Li Jian and regional military governor Wei Gao reported this event to Emperor Dezong. The emperor issued a proclamation praising Xie Ziran. Li also erected a monument in Jinquan to document the miracle of her ascension. 

Stone monument commemorating Xie Ziran’s levitation 

Li wrote this in detail in The Biography of Dongji Zhenren, which was mentioned in the classical history book New Book of Tang.

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