(Minghui.org) My childhood was very rough. My parents were farmers. My mother wanted a son, but she ended up having seven girls. I was the second child and was born in 1949. My mother was worn out, and she had no patience or love toward any of us.

We were impoverished, and we had no quilt nor mattress to sleep on; I wore my sister’s worn-out clothes and shoes. At a young age, I shoveled coal or went to the mountains to collect herbs to support my family.

After getting married, I worked as an electrician and did odd jobs in a public bathhouse. I developed various illnesses due to years of hard work. I had diseases of the heart and liver along with stomach ulcers, gynecological problems, and depression. I had to retire after working for only eight years.

Worse still, I was found to have rectal cancer. The oncologist suggested surgery to remove the tumor, and this included a colostomy procedure which necessitated the use of an external colostomy bag after the operation. I did not want to suffer anymore and declined the surgery.

Practicing Dafa Saved My Life

Just as I had lost all hope, my neighbor recommended Falun Dafa to me in the Autumn of 1995. I decided to give it a try.

I was a member of the Chinese Communist Party and was indoctrinated in the theory of atheism. I didn’t believe in spiritual cultivation after reading the first few pages of Zhuan Falun. But I still went to the Falun Dafa practice site daily for the exercises. The instructor told me that I should study the book with them; I used the excuse that I could not sit for long due to pain, as I didn’t want to study the book. She said that I could read for however long that I could endure.

With no other excuse to say no, I stayed for the study group one day. Incredibly, while studying the Fa, I never felt any pain from the rectal cancer, which usually felt like having chili pepper sprinkled on my rectum.

After one month of Fa study, my atheism was completely eliminated and I made up my mind to learn Falun Dafa! At that time, we had planned to build a garage. Since I knew masonry work, my husband became my assistant and I began building a garage. When my son came home, he was shocked that I could do this work! I also realized all my illnesses were gone! Master granted me a second life; my gratitude was beyond words. I went with fellow practitioners to promote Dafa everywhere. My personal story touched many people.

Congenital Leukemia Healed

My first grandson had congenital leukemia. When he was five years old, my daughter-in-law abandoned him and left home. When he was seven, I began practicing Dafa and understood the relationship between karma and illness.

My grandson was a good and obedient child. He got up every morning to exercise with me. He also abides by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He would tell me from time to time that when others beat him up at school, he would not fight back.

But things got worse at school. Not only did others bully him, but they also stole his pens and pencils. I would purchase more school supplies for him. It was also a test for me when I saw him bullied so severely, but we both believed in Dafa and Master; nothing happened by chance. He continued to endure the bullying without fighting back.

When he was 11, his illness was gone. When he fell and had a cut, it would heal in no time, and a hospital checkup showed no more leukemia! Thank you, Master, for saving my grandson!

Fracture Plus Dislocation Healed in a Month

While walking, a motorcycle hit me in the spring of 2013. I tried to stand up, but the bone of my right lower leg protruded! The driver was scared. He got back on his motorcycle and drove away!

My family took me to the hospital. I was found to have a fracture and dislocation of my lower leg. The doctor said I would be disabled if I didn’t have surgery. But I wanted to go home, and although my family did not understand my decision, they reluctantly took me home.

Two days later, my son consulted a prestigious orthopedic doctor. He looked at the film and agreed that I would be disabled if I declined surgery. But I still refused to go to the hospital. My son was furious, and he did not know how to persuade me. I told him not to worry and reminded him that I was once healed of cancer without treatment. I asked him to give me a month, and he would see that I would be better.

My leg was black, purple, and swollen. As soon as I did the Falun Dafa meditation, I felt a warm current travel from the top of my head down through my body. I felt comfortable and relaxed, and it greatly encouraged me.

I felt Master was connecting my dislocated bones. I leaned against the wall while doing the exercises. I also studied five to six lectures of Zhuan Falun every day. One month later, I was able to walk again!

My husband shouted in disbelief, “A miracle, it’s a miracle!” He called out to my son, “Your mother can walk now, and it is only one month!” My sisters and in-laws were deeply impressed! Some even wanted to learn how to practice Falun Dafa!