(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners Jia and Ying came to see me at work one day and told me that they’d been notified by the local procuratorate that they had been indicted.

Both Jia and Ying were relatively newer practitioners and this was the first time that they’d faced being persecuted. They told me that they were scared and didn’t know what to do first. But they quickly calmed down and reminded themselves that they didn’t do anything wrong by practicing Dafa and that it’s the communist regime that is persecuting good people.

I said, “It’s the old forces behind the persecution. They are not only persecuting Dafa disciples, but the police and prosecutors who are involved are also victims.” I didn’t want to say too much while I was still at work, so I told Jia that I would go to her home later.

After work, I took the bus to Jia’s home. When I got off, I was stunned. It had been several years since I’d been there, and the area had changed so much that I didn’t recognize anything. Because we didn’t have each other’s phone numbers due to safety concerns, I couldn’t call her to ask for directions. I walked around for over 20 minutes and finally found her subdivision, but I still wasn’t sure which building was hers, so I asked Master for help. Then I saw the light go on in one unit and took it as a hint and went there. When I got to the right floor, I saw a Dafa poster on the door and knew I had found her place.

Jia showed me the indictment. She told me that both she and Ying were recorded by the surveillance cameras when they distributed informational materials the year before. From the perspective of cultivation, she believed it was because she had conflicts with Ying and neither one was willing to look within, so the old forces used that as an excuse to persecute them.

When they were held in custody, they didn’t answer any questions when the police interrogated them. Their children went to the police station every day to seek their release, and the police let them go after a few weeks of detention. But months later, the police submitted their case to the procuratorate, hoping to get them sentenced to prison.

Preparing the Letter to the Prosecutor

We decided to write letters to the prosecutor, urging him to dismiss the indictment. Meanwhile, I also asked Jia and Ying to talk to the police officer and the prosecutor in charge of their case directly. Given the restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn’t easy for them to meet with the prosecutor in person. But they did meet with the police and clarified the facts to them.

I went to the Gongyi Forum (a practitioner-run forum with reference materials about legal cases) and found a template for a letter to a prosecutor. I finished the draft and thought we should mail it out immediately. But to my surprise, both Jia and Ying had some concerns and they didn’t feel comfortable mailing it. They said I shouldn’t have written anything about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which might cause the prosecutor to react negatively. They said I should just write about Falun Dafa and the illegality of the persecution.

I shared with them that counteracting the persecution wasn’t the only reason why we wrote the letter, that we wanted the officials to understand the facts and quit the CCP—that was our true purpose.

We talked about this for several days, but Ying was troubled by strong fear and couldn’t make the decision to mail the letter. I suggested that both of them watch the video of Master’s lecture to Australian practitioners, as I’d found that it has been very helpful to me when my cultivation state wasn’t good. After all, we are cultivators of Dafa and we must follow the Fa in order to walk a righteous path.

I also looked within and wondered why Jia and Ying didn’t agree with me about the letter. I tried to decide if I had the intention of validating myself or showing off. I thought it over. In principle, the letter was published on Minghui.org, so it shouldn’t have major issues. Maybe this was an opportunity to get rid of my attachment to doing things and I needed to be more patient and understanding. While I wasn’t facing the persecution myself, since I was now involved, I had to work well with Jia and Ying to achieve a good result.

When I met with them again, Ying agreed to mail the letter. She also regretted that it took her so long to make her decision. She said she watched Master’s lecture to Australian practitioners several times and she cried, thinking she didn’t do well in her cultivation. By then, a month had already passed.

I went with them to the post office to mail the letter. As we discussed which department we should send it to, a post office clerk reminded us that we had to include at least the last name of the recipient, if not the full name. With no name, the letter wouldn’t be delivered and would be returned. We realized that nothing happened by accident. It was likely Master was giving us a hint.

We decided not to mail the letter then and to find the name the person in charge of the case. I also went back to the Gongyi Forum to see if there was a recommendation about where to mail the letter. I saw that it suggested we also mail copies of the letter to the police, the discipline department, and the justice bureau. I searched online for those addresses and wrote them down.

Jia and Ying found me two days later. They had also found the names of the prosecutors in charge of their case, which were exactly the same as the ones I’d found. We felt happy about it and mailed the letter.

The procuratorate didn’t respond to the letter. Three months later, the prosecutor called Jia and Ying’s family members and pressured Jia’s family to sign her bail release notice. We suspected that the prosecutor still wanted to prosecute them, so we had to do something to keep the case from being moved to the court. We mailed the letter to the prosecutor and the police again, adding another letter urging them to dismiss the case.

The prosecutor called Jia and Ying a day after we mailed the letters. The prosecutor showed them the notice signed by Jia’s family and urged Ying to sign the notice herself. She refused to comply, telling the prosecutor that if she did sign, it would become evidence of the prosecutor’s involvement in the persecution and that it would not good for him if one day Falun Dafa was vindicated. The prosecutor didn’t insist that she sign the notice.

Drafting Another Truth-Clarification Letter

For the next five months, both Jia and Ying intensified their Fa study and sending righteous thoughts. They also actively looked within to identify any attachments they needed to remove.

Thinking that we shouldn’t passively wait for the prosecutor to decide the outcome of their case, I offered to prepare another truth-clarification letter for them. It happened that I was very busy with work at that time and timing was especially tight for me. This time Ying was anxious and urged me to finish the letter in two days. I became upset and complained to myself, recalling how long she waited after I finished the first letter and now she wanted this one instantly.

Before I got off work that day, Ying found me again and apologized for not considering whether I had enough time to prepare the letter. I was touched. I also admired her for having the courage to sue Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese communist regime who ordered the persecution, back in 2015, even though she had just recently become a Dafa cultivator. She also worked well with me this time and took the lead in clarifying the facts to the police and prosecutor directly.

While writing about this, I suddenly realized that it was Jia and Ying who provided me with opportunities to improve my xinxing, instead of me helping them. When conflicts arose, I failed to expand my capacity to work with them, but complained about them. I didn’t have enough compassion and kindness. I must improve on this regard in the future.

Although they no longer asked me to finish the letter quickly, I indeed wanted to finish it as early as possible. To my surprise, my supervisor suddenly arranged for me to take one day off despite our busy schedule. I knew Master was taking care of us all the time!

On my day off, I first studied the Fa and then went to the Minghui website to search for materials. The first letter I prepared focused on legal arguments. This time, I planned to address it from the perspective of spiritual cultivation to inspire their inner kindness. I drafted the letter with information I’d found on Minghui. Jia and Ying also recommended I add information on how to overcome internet censorship and access overseas websites. When I finished doing the layout and printing the letter, it was already 11 p.m.

Jia and Ying delivered the letter to the prosecutor in person two days later. Three weeks later, the prosecutor called them and told them to pick up the notice dismissing their indictment and that it was effective immediately. I was truly happy for them.

Master said,

“Wherever there’s a problem, that is where you need to clarify the truth and save people. Don’t take a detour when you run into difficulties.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2002 Conference in Washington, D.C.,” Collected Teachings Given Around the World Volume II)

In the process, we followed Master’s teaching. We didn’t consider ourselves victims of the persecution but were clear about our mission—that we are here to save them. If they understand the facts and make the right choice in the battle between good and evil, they are choosing a bright future for themselves. We are also deeply grateful for Master’s protection and guidance on every step of this journey.

I welcome fellow practitioners to point out anything not in line with the Fa.