(Minghui.org) I’ve been helping my granddaughter overcome a devastating skin disease for the past few months. In the process, I’ve cultivated myself and improved my relationship with my daughter. As the 20th China Fahui is calling for papers, I’d like to report this experience to Master and share it with fellow practitioners.

Granddaughter Born with Eczema

My granddaughter, Sheree, was born with a skin disease and began to have persistent itching ten days after she was born. She has since often had pus all over her body, causing incessant crying. The doctor diagnosed it as eczema and told us that she might outgrow it. When I chanted the nine auspicious words, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” to alleviate her suffering, her mother, my daughter, adamantly opposed it. Desperate, she tried traditional remedies and various medicines, but none proved effective.

By the age of three, Sheree had showed no signs of improvement, and the doctor speculated that the condition might resolve itself when she reached school age. She had lived with me since she was born, and I struggled to care for her, losing precious time for Fa study and cultivation. I treated her illness as an ordinary person would. When she was six years old she went to live with my daughter in the southern China.

When Sheree turned seven and began school, her condition had not only failed to improve, but had worsened. A special dermatitis diagnosis followed at age nine, with the doctor predicting a lifelong affliction if not cured by age twelve. The doctor recommended an expensive ten-month treatment procedure, an immense financial burden for our modest income. Despite its initial effects, Sheree’s condition worsened after the seventh treatment, leading to severe constipation. Sadly, the treatment did not bring a cure.

She suffered a lot every summer. Pus-covered ulcers and a foul smell forced her to rest at home or be unable to attend physical education classes. The severity of her condition weighed heavily on my heart.

After Sheree moved back to live with her mother, I rekindled my commitment to cultivation. Intense Fa study, exercise, and involvement in truth-clarification materials production became my daily routine. I urged myself to to keep up with the progress of Fa rectification.

With my improvement in cultivation, I urged my daughter to let Sheree recite the auspicious words, emphasizing it as the only solution. My daughter, however, remained skeptical and opposed the idea. At the end of last year, I had a foreboding dream of Sheree’s demise, which prompted me to plead with my daughter to send her back to me. Despite my earnest appeal, my daughter remained silent. I realized that I had to let go of my sentiment.

Granddaughter Practicing Dafa Exercises

In March, my husband proposed living with my daughter for a while. I was initially hesitant due to potential disruption of my cultivation. Master’s hint through calling Sheree’s name in my mind persuaded me otherwise. Upon her arrival, I was devastated at the sight of Sheree. Contrary to the software-altered images seen in video calls, she was dark, feeble, scar-covered, and lacking vitality. I insisted she start practicing Dafa exercises immediately.

The initial sessions were challenging for Sheree, given her weakened state. I encouraged her to endure and persevere. She was obedient and did her best to cooperate. She made rapid progress and was able to do the full second exercise set after two days. I also taught Sheree to recite the Falun Dafa auspicious words. She did it diligently during her daily commute and spare time.

When I was sending forth righteous thoughts one night, I added a thought for Master to help Sheree. Right at that moment, I saw a golden light suddenly covering her. A figure then appeared behind her, and extracted something from her leg. I sent righteous thoughts for over fifty minutes.

Once in my dream, Master was holding her, which confirmed her strong predestined relationship with Dafa.

Daughter’s Strong Objections

My daughter vehemently objected me for teaching Sheree the Dafa exercise and kept picking fights with me. She was unwilling to listen to me, and believed the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that smeared Dafa. One night, she came into my room and demanded that Sheree and I stop meditating. I wanted her to acknowledge Sheree’s improvement and argued with her. I regretted my failing to hold back afterward.

Since then, my daughter gave Sheree extra homework every day and forced her to finish the tasks. The extra burden drained her and she became unhappy. I held back my tears seeing her struggling physically and mentally.

I recalled Master’s teachings:

“Forbearance is the key to improving one’s xinxing. To endure with anger, grievance, or tears is the forbearance of an everyday person who is attached to his concerns. To endure completely without anger or grievance is the forbearance of a cultivator.” (“What is Forbearance (Ren)?” Essentials for Further Advancement)

I sensed that my heart was moved and that I should let things unfold naturally. I found an opportunity to calmly remind my daughter of Sheree’s health, regarding the extra housework. Once when I comforted Sheree for crying because of housework, my daughter turned her anger toward me, but my heart remained unaffected.

In fact, I also enlightened that the evil communist spirit was manipulating my daughter, so I sent righteous thoughts to clear out the interference. Her attitude was getting better as a result. Sheree and I were able do the exercise more often and she became more energetic. She happily told me, “Grandma, I used to be tired of walking with my loaded backpack, but now I can run with it.”

When Sheree’s final exam was approaching, my daughter checked with me calmly to see if Sheree should pause the exercises for this week and spend more time studying. I explained to her that Falun Dafa bestows people with wisdom and that she need not to worry. Sheree persisted in daily exercise until her final exams. She scored nearly perfectly in major subjects and ranked third in her class.

Sheree’s character improved through practicing Dafa as well. She was not jealous of other good students and was always happy for other’s achievements. When she was bullied in school, she did not become angry or fight back, but handled things peacefully. Though she never read Dafa books and only learned the basic Dafa principles via our daily life, she learned how to keep up her characters. Recognition at school followed, with Sheree earning multiple rewards at the end of the school year.

I brought Sheree back to my home during the summer vacation. Sheree continued to practice the Dafa exercises daily. When she was about to go back, Sheree told me that her mother wouldn’t allow her to continue doing the exercises after returning home. Despite feeling a sense of loss, I accepted the natural course of events and encouraged Sheree to continue reciting the auspicious words. She agreed.

That evening, my daughter had a low fever. I suggested reciting the Dafa auspicious words for recovery, and she silently agreed. Following her recovery, she surprisingly allowed Sheree to continue the daily exercises, marking a significant shift.


It was not an easy journey during the past six months, which reminded me of the dream I had shortly after I arrived at my daughter’s home, where a man asked me if I dared to climb up this mountain. I looked up and was shocked to see the mountain covered with concrete pillars over three feet high, and each pillar was full of glass ballast and steel nails. Was this a mountain of knives? But I responded with yes without hesitation. I went up all the way and didn’t feel as if being stabbed or pinched. When I got to the top of the mountain, I saw Sheree spitting blood there, so I picked her up and kept shouting her name until I woke up.

The past six months felt akin to climbing a mountain of knives. Beginning with Sheree’s desperate condition and my daughter’s opposition, the journey concluded with Sheree’s significant recovery and my daughter’s acceptance of her exercising. I am grateful for Master’s compassionate salvation.

Amidst tribulations, I transitioned from tearful endurance to understanding my daughter’s perspective, sympathizing with her, and tolerating without resentment. Our family transformed from a hostile environment to one of peace and harmony. May my experience serve as a lesson for fellow practitioners navigating family tribulations—only through diligent Fa study, looking inward, and calm demeanor can Master guide us to overcome challenges and our cultivation elevate.

Please point out anything not inline with the Fa.