(Minghui.org) It was noon on a hot and cloudy day. I saw a man sitting near the station when I got off the bus. I mentioned the weather and we began to chat.

I learned that he was the director of a police department in a province in northern China and his surname was Yang. He invited me to sit next to him.

I practice Falun Dafa. Given the on-going persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1999, police are the most difficult people to deal with.

I said, “Mr. Yang, may I ask how you treated Falun Dafa practitioners before you retired?”

He replied, “I didn’t actively follow the persecution policy.”

I was surprised, “That’s great! It’s almost impossible for police to avoid participating.”

He said, “My opinion is that it is okay to practice Falun Dafa at home, just don’t promote it in public.”

I realized that he didn’t fully understand what Falun Dafa is all about. So I started to talk about how the CCP utilized the state-controlled media to frame and slander Falun Dafa. I explained that many people were deceived. In order to eradicate Falun Dafa, the regime arrested millions of practitioners and even killed them for their organs. Practitioners risked their lives to tell people the truth about Falun Dafa.

He understood but sighed, “I believe you. But there’s nothing we can do to the communist regime system. Those who don’t follow the CCP’s policies are treated like criminals.”

“Exactly,” I continued, “At the beginning of the persecution, the chief of our local bureau tried to persuade a practitioner to give up her faith. He pointed to a slice of watermelon on the table: We all know watermelon is red, but if the CCP says it is black, you have to say that it is black, or you will be treated as a criminal.”

He kept nodding.

He also mentioned that his children were all in the U.S., but he couldn’t join them because he was restricted from getting a visa.

Before we said goodbye, I encouraged him to quit the CCP. He happily said, “Yes, please!”